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Ed Mercer

For Men Making $100K+/ Year Who Want Freedom & Live an Extraordinary Life!

LIVE Coaching & Accountability for MEN Who Are Tired of the Corporate World, Coaches / Consultants who want better results with their clients, want more clients and be a LEADER. 
Who want to UNLOCK the SECRETS to $50K+ Months (that nobody will reveal).​
Who want to MASTER marketing, advertising and sales.
IF we accept you into our SOVEREIGN MEN MOVEMENT, you'll be able to use our proven system  and processes to get RESULTS (Our Earn While You Learn Approach).



Discover What 3,758 Men Like You Have Already Learned
That You May Not Have Figured Out Yet!

T H I S  I S  F O R...... 


Let me guess…

You have a decent amount of leads coming into your business, but you or your sales team are complaining about ‘lead quality’…

So even with all these leads they can’t turn them into what they really want...



If you want to grow your business and profits…

This is something you MUST understand how to do.


If you’re serious about building a cash-generating machine that gives you More time with your kids. More time with your spouse. Longer holidays. Less stress. more fun.

more choices.

In one word… More FREEDOM.

Then you must have a proven system for converting leads generated from advertising.

Turning complete strangers into high-paying clients like clockwork. 

And the main reason they fail is from a lack of capital and not knowing how to ring the cash register in high enough volumes to keep their doors open. In other words, they don’t know how to SELL enough of their goods and services!

And that’s because they never truly learn how to generate new customers at will.

You see, when it comes to growing a business most people think...

“I just need more leads” and throw another 10k at Facebook or Google Ads. Ramp up our remarketing. and add another sales rep.

But they never take the time to seriously focus on what happens post lead generation.


"Turning strangers into high-paying clients" 

This is something I’ve MASTERED and its the main thing you'll get from me.

Predominately using the telephone to grow sales without hype or outdated pushy sales tactics.

And have your prospects thank you for the experience.

You can get this complete elite-level sales training whether it's for you to close more deals

or maybe to train your sales team and new hires.

This LIVE ZOOM training will be your secret weapon to outsell your competition 10-to-1 and you must be ready for it. Investing in this training will be the quickest things to 2X, 5X and even 10X or more for your business.


You have spent your career working as a mid-level  site/corporate manager putting up with the bullshit politics that you don't really believe in.

Attending meetings and conveying messages to the workforce as if it's some sort of dog & pony show that you really don't feel good about but "Must Comply" or your position is "Out with the NOW and IN with the NEW.

You are felling stagnant and stuck doing something just for the money and to keep up the life that you created. It's all that you know and don't really know what else to do.

Waking up with the mindset of:


"What the hell am I going to do with my life? I really hate waking up just to drive into a job where I am someone's puppet and don't have the ability to execute my own ideas" 

You might be dis-satisfied with the state or city you live in that keeps you from doing the things you enjoy everyday, but what choice do you have? This is where your J.O.B is.

Not only that, but you've likely missed your son and/or daughters events because the J.O.B is consuming life except during the 4-6 weeks vacation that your company graciously gives you each year.

I Get You!

All of these things and all of these feelings that you have brewing inside ARE telling you that it's time to "do something different"


I was right where you are now. I was leading a team of 11 supervisors, an organization of 87 team members while managing a $10 million annual budget while carry out the demands and ideas of corporate level managers who thought they knew what was  good for the workplace (ideas that I did not fully support or believe in). 

I felt "CAGED", unfulfilled and dreaded going into everyday just to get an "after-tax" and "after health care/401k)" pay checks that totaled a net income of $4800 deposited in my bank account each month.

You may be feeling the same way with what it is that you are doing now.

If you are READY to learn how you can do something different that gives you FREEDOM and the ability to make your own choices, then the SOVEREIGN MEN MOVEMENT just may be what you are looking for.


Our company has turned people from many walks of life into online entrepreneurs who have replaced/exceeded their J.O.B income.






sovereign team
t  r  a  i  n  e  r  s



Where to begin.... You may start to feel some emotion as you reflect on the things that have happened in your own life

This post is long AND for MANY it will be SHOCKING! About halfway through you'll wonder why I am still here and in the end you know what is the most important and precious thing to me that I so much desire.


Because without it, moving forward will be very difficult!
My dad tried to kill me, my mother and my siblings while attempting to take his own life in front of us when I was 9 years old.

I made mistakes!

I was careless with money. Invested in Pre-construction condo deals in Miami that went bad. Lost a lot of money and racked up almost $100,000 in debt on credit cards and loans trying to build this thing called life. 

Reality is: Life IS right where you are with what it is that you have with your WIFE and CHILDREN!

I suffered from depression with tears running down my face nearly every night with the 4 walls of a hotel room closing in on me.

I cheated on my ex-wife which led to divorce. The feeling of not being able to give your family the things you desire, not attending your sons sporting event or daughters gymnastic/cheer or track competition due to all your time consumed by a J.O.B (these are the memories that your children will have - "that you were not there"). 

After the divorce I was with someone for six years but wasn't really happy because i hated the pain I imposed on myself. Moreover, I hated myself for the pain I caused for others. Additionally I never really felt loved from the woman I was with for those 6 years. The mistakes I made haunted me and nearly killed me for 10 years.

Tried to rebuild my life after the 6 year relationship ended and found myself homeless and living on the concrete decks of vacant homes on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Lost the job I had and went back to Florida because if I had to sleep outside then at least I would be warm.

Got a job and rolled in town with my 2 puppy Great Dane puppies with $25 to my name. Tried to get the hotel to let me stay there until I got my first paycheck, but they said "No" it doesn't work that they. Police officer found me sleeping in my truck with my puppies in sub below temperatures with 2 feet of snow on the ground. Gave me a voucher to stay at a hotel, filled up my tank with gas and bought me some food to eat. Had to give my dogs away for 10 days until I got on my feet.

Continued to build my business, which was REALLY FREAKING hard! Went to event to learn and never had enough money to stay in a hotel. Went to Grant Cardone's event in Miami at the Florida Marlins stadium and slept behind the trees on the grounds of the Mandarin Oriental Resort (5 Star Luxury Hotel that I didn't even stay in). When not sleeping and not in the event, I wandered through the halls, ate in their restaurant and lounged by the pool.

This was a story of my life!

Was back in Hernando Beach and again with no money. Slept on the ground behind the Holiday Inn next to the air conditioning unit. Woke up 2 hours later because the lake behind the hotel scared me. I was afraid an Alligator was going to eat me while I was sleeping so I walked to the local Hooters at 2am down the road from the hotel and slept inside the enclosed front deck until just before they opened.

Next day....Purchased a cheap bike and a fishing pole from Walmart and headed back to the vacant homes on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Fed off the fish I caught from the property of a house that I didn't own.

Eventually found my place in life, things started getting better. One thing I never did was give in, give up or throw in the towel on life. What I do know is that no matter where I am, no matter how bad things could ever have been for me, I have two amazing kind hearted children who love me.

Was alone for several years wondering if I would ever find happiness, wondering if I would ever have love. You can have all the money in the world, but without love we don't really have anything! We are walking through life like an empty shell.

There is much more I could say about my life, but why bother! There has been a lot that most people in the world would never be able to handle. It takes strength, it takes vision, it takes discipline and above all...It's takes not losing sight of ourselves, who we are and not giving up!

Today I have Renata Andrade Oliveira with me in this home together who loves me with everything she has AND we had to go through 2 years of dedication and strength with each other through living on video call 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. I

I lost a lot! I lost EVERYTHING I worked for had a mountain of debt that a job could not resolve and almost got evicted from my home because I was 3 months behind on payments due to some things that I did to reach a goal.

I was tired of being tired so I connected with other coaches to learn from them on how to change my life by growing my online business because I couldn't seem to do it on my own. 



After learning from several different coaches, I was more confused than ever, but this doesn't have to be you. We kept at it on our own and ran many tests for...




After much trail, error and business failure, we uncovered the most important attribute to bridge the gap that took the company to 7 figures that I show you below.

It's the thing that will allow you to be present with your wife and children and to be able to have more money in the bank so that when a loved one calls to ask for help you don't have to say "I am sorry, I don't have any and don't get paid for another week OR two". 

I went from stressed out entrepreneur to 7 figure coach, I am grateful to god for the wisdom and knowledge that has allowed me to connect with you, to help you get to where you want to go, AND....

It is the fastest way for you to build an online income without..

  • Building everything from scratch (what 99% of online coaches want you to do)

  • Doing things online that does not yield results, or

  • Doing it alone (takes too long when you are starting out)

With our "Speed to Market" approach we offer a "Plug & Play" system with an Ad Co-op designed to take a new person from inception to expert in less than 30 days and you can begin in as little as 48 hours with an onboarding processes, live zoom calls and our systems. Our company and partners "Do Not Chase". Rather, we help you serve those who come to our company for help.


Imagine knowing "exactly what to do" everyday you wake up to have success with having an online business that can eventually allow you to replace what you make in your corporate career and have the freedom to enjoy it with the people you care about. 

That is what our program is designed to do. 


It's Easy, it's fast and it's SIMPLE but we do not accept everyone into our program. We work with those who are positive, ambitious and self-starting who are coachable and trainable.


It's an opportunity for you to Earn While You Learn and get a world class marketing education that you would have to pay a University $120K for.


Ed & Renata Mercer

200000 plus leads.jpg


We changed over the "marketing message".


Created a "New Story". 

Created a "New Brand" that fit the story.

Dialed in on the on the market that


wanted to help.

Combing these 4 things, we generated 237,601 leads in the Aweber account for LYIP from the original lead count of ZERO.

We also dove into the sales/closing process to see why the sales were significantly less than the expected closing rate.

So we...


listened to the sales calls,

Dove into the offer.

Dissected the closing process, gave the team the SECRETS to SELLING AND


Created a new outcome for the failing business to just over $1.2 million in less than 16 months.


sovereign team
M  O  V  E  M  e  N  T


Skyrocket your influence, impact and income

You'll discover the same marketing blueprint that industry leaders use to create more traffic, generate more sales and impact more lives than most anyone alive such as...
Honing in on exactly WHERE to find the people who need and want your offer... so that you're spending your energy and focus targeting ONLY those who will be attracted to you

Taking advantage of organic (unpaid) tools for spreading your message, presenting your offer, building a community of raving fans and generating the results you need without losing thousands of dollars on ads.

Unlocking the most effective method on the planet for selling your offer without feeling unethical or "salesy" so that both you and your ideal client feel good at the end of the interaction
Once you've discovered these marketing secrets (and more) you'll be equipped with the tools that are currently creating more impact and reaching more people than most anything else in the world... setting you apart from 99% of entrepreneurs alive.
Imagine waking up tomorrow with a NEW notification on your phone. It's from a prospective client...

And it says, "Hey, I'd like to move forward. Please invoice me ASAP. Excited to get started."

BOOM! Your newest client!

But the day only gets better...

And there's no reason you won't be able to close MULTIPLE clients in one day. And maybe even have a record revenue day.






Mastery of Sales Funnel Design, Client / Customer Acquisition, Paid Ads & High Ticket Closing over the Phone. You'll get:


(8) POWER SESSIONS  per month to re-align what you are doing in the daily life to bring back the power in your marriage & your business.

$12,000 VALUE

Our PROVEN BLUEPRINT to REGAIN Your Relationship with Your Wife and Prevent the Divorce! 

$175.000 VALUE (1st year)

$875,000 VALUE (7 years)

(based on a $250,000/year income)

Have Your Children Feel Like You Are No Longer Ignoring Them and want to be part of your life.


Be More Productive In Your Business By Eliminating The "Money Leaks". You are in your business to lead those who rely on you, but your personal life is affecting your business PROFIT's. We provide you our action plan to REGAIN Your POWER & CREDIBILITY with those who need you to lead them

$100K or $1M VALUE 

Per Year or Per Month In Your Business, Depending On Your Business.

Get Your BODY Back. Feeling healthy & refreshed gives you the energy to be more PRODUCTIVE in business, with your wife & your children.


If you are like the 79% of businessmen who cant get their personal life straightened out, then your business is also having problems.


For these reasons, your health is likely declining while you pack on the pounds behind that desk drinking a ton of coffee and eating shit food to keep you going.


We provide you with a daily method of operation to help you take your health and take your body back with our 16-Week Customized Course.

$14,500 VALUE

Quarterly SOVEREIGN MEN Retreats


A Brotherhood of MEN who will help you grow this.


 Brotherhood of MEN who will call you out on your shit when you are not OWNING YOUR TRUTH,

A Brotherhood of MEN that you'll finally have to discuss your deepest concerns, worries and desires vs. the SURFACE LEVEL B.S. conversations that everyone has when they talk about themselves as to how perfect everything is. In reality they are dying inside of a FACADE!



$20,000 VALUE


You'll no longer be stagnant by business, AND Get "In-Flow" as you identify your bigger purpose.

YOU will FINALLY be living your OWN TRUTH!

L I V E  E V E N T S 

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O U R  G E A R 

I T S......
  A  M O V E M E N T

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