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Never feel "stuck again" To feeling like a rock star With IPS Masterclass

 (even If you are new to the industry)

Quadruple Your Traffic, Triple Your Lead Flow and Double the Number of People You Sponsor Each Week With Just A Few Tweaks ,

Have the Skills to Recruit Even the Biggest Skeptics Into Your Business,

Make Your Business Growth The Biggest Its EVER Been

Build The Team That Allows You to Retire Early, Live Large AND Feel Like a ROCKSTAR!

(it took me what seemed like years to get this right )

e d  m e r c e r

4-WEEK Ad-copy & RECRUITING MASTERCLASS begins 1/4/2021 


Are you ready to make your business a HUGE SUCCESS?


You should be because what you will learn in the masterclass are the things that most leaders in the profession are not teaching their new people. They are walking on stage, receiving their award, speaking at the events while you are feeling like..."WILL THAT EVER BE ME?

The TRUTH is....

It can be you if you only knew what "they are really doing" to get the results you see them having.


For months my sponsor had me doing "mickey mouse games" not enrolling a single person for months, and months and months while they were sponsoring people everyday. This left me skeptical of this whole online thing and felt like quitting, but I quickly realized it was my ONLY way out of this crappy life I was living


Is this happening to you? Are you feeling like something is being held from you?

I was tired of paying for company website fees and not getting results in my business while watching others rank advance and get recognition on company calls and at the events. All I wanted was a business to buy a new vehicle (my credit was bad) and finance the life of my dreams (isn’t that why we all start?)


After months frustration I contacted a guy in the company who reached over $300,000 in his first 12 months (we started about the same time), paid him $3000.00 and then everything changed for me. During this masterclass, you will get the same information and it won't cost anywhere near that amount.

Once I learned this, I built a business that pulled in 5-figure months with a high of $74,000 in a 45 days period and paid cash for my super cool H2 HUMMER.


My bank to call me in to discuss what was going on with me account. Before that I had more "month remaining" than I had money in my account. It seemed I was always living pay check to pay check.

The only thing stopping you from living the life you’ve always dreamed of is the bad information that you have been given by the people who were just in it to make a sale. Then you became  "the victim" of them not knowing the answers either

By not attending this masterclass, learning or implementing this in your business may cause you to stay where you are or end up quitting on your dream.

Attending this masterclass WILL change everything for you inside your business like it did for me..

a persons life can change fast
Once I figured this out, I went from working low paying jobs, driving a 2001 Ford F150 Truck with almost 200,000 miles to paying cash for this H2 Hummer with $20,000 in upgrades.
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Seats Are limited. if you want this, grab your seat today
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why you need to be in this class
I have seen Network Marketers lose their relationships because they put all of their attention in achieving "Their Dream" and never really figure it out. They waste months and even years of their lives trying to be a success.
The truth is.....
70% of Network Marketers never make it, walk away with more debt than where they started, lost precious time with their family and became a statistic. 
By attending this Masterclass, you'll have the skills to recruit even the biggest skeptics into your business, move into the Top 5% of the Network Marketing Profession......
.....and build the kind of team that allows you to retire early, live large and feel like a ROCKSTAR! You'll feel like a HUGE weight is lifted from your shoulders!
When you apply this course to your business, you'll be able to quadruple your traffic, triple your lead flow and double the the number of people you sponsor each week.
You want freedom, you want recognition and respect and this Masterclass will help you get ALL of it. It will take the "guess work" out of achieving success
Seats Are limited. if you want this, grab your seat today
January 4 - Setting Up Strategy (Live from Brazil)
January 6 - Bring Prospects To You (Live from Miami)
January 11 - Presenting To Prospects
January 14 - Handling Objections
January 18 - Follow-up
January 21 - Closing Strategies of Top Earners
January 25 - Getting People Started​


January 28 - Promoting Events
  • Branding - You are your brand, you are your story and you are your company. You just happen to be working under someone else's product line.
  • What You Are Really Selling - Its probably much different than what you think you are selling.
  • Systems - where you can go to have it customized for your like all network marketing leaders use to build their empire.
  • Automation that takes care of 95% of the work for you so you can spend time just working with the new members joining your team.
  • Outsourcing low value tasks that can be handled by someone else so you can focus on only the high dollar value activities.
  • Scaling your business so that you have constant clients and cash flow every month.

become one of the TOP 5% earners of THE Network Marketing Profession


In this masterclass you will receive....

(Masterclass will be conducted live on ZOOM)

  • Workbooks ($97.00 Value)

  • Daily Videos ($197.00 Value)

  • Live Coaching ($3900.00 Value)

  • Role Playing ($547.00 Value)

  • Student Learnings ($350.00 Value)

  • Exceeding Freedom Personal Development Program ($1998.00 Value)


  • Develop Your Own Digital Project To Serve The Entire Network Marketing Profession ($4,998.00 Value)

  • Recognition (Priceless)

  • Ticket to attend our next Network Marketing - GRO Event ($700.00 Value)

  • What To Do Next To Ensure Team Duplication (Priceless)

MINIMUM VALUE $12,884.00

you'll pay just a fraction of the today


ONLY 22 Seats Available