Ed Mercer's "Radiological Engineering Masterclass"

After 27 Years In The Nuclear Industry I Left The Industry Doing Something That I Am More Passionate About. Now I Want To Give You The Knowledge To Further Your Career 

Hi I am Ed Mercer

I worked 27 years in the nuclear industry as a Radiation Protection Technician, Supervisor, Radiological Engineer, Superintendent of Radiological Engineering & Technical Support & Radiation Protection Manager with no formal education to attain such positions. 


After all these years, I have left the industry for something I am much more passionate about. It's is the same thing that I did in the nuclear industry (offer value, service, coach and mentor) but in a different industry with a greater reward.

If you have wondered where I have been, I now train entrepreneurs and host yacht events for a living.

Now I am giving back to help you further your career.

Radiological Engineering Masterclass - Tampa Florida

Over my career I have coached and mentored people into advanced positions and many have became Radiological Engineers, Supervisors & Managers
Now I am opening up my Masterclass to teach, coach and mentor a small group of Radiation ANSI 3.1 Technicians to further their career into Radiological Engineering as an ALARA Specialist.
As an ALARA Specialist, you will be able to make more money, be in a more influential position and have a set of skills and knowledge that will prepare you for the next step in your career. 
You've worked hard and you deserve to have a better position with all the knowledge you have gained. You are far above the new technicians that have come into the industry and it's time for you to advance and get paid what you are worth.
The fact is: People are retiring and the industry needs more ALARA Engineers to support their refueling outages and decommissioning. That person can be you once you attend my Radiological Engineering Masterclass



This is a 3-day Event where you will learn all aspects of Radiological Engineering so you create value in yourself and demand for your services so you can position yourself in the marketplace, gain more influence and get paid what you are worth. ALARA Engineers typically get paid $10.00 to $30.00 (depending on the plant) above Technician pay.

The fact is, this is  "competitive" and "specialized knowledge" area in nuclear power and most people are not willing to train you or give you an opportunity until they absolutely have to. My job is to help you attain that value in the marketplace to help you advance much sooner and it very well could be this outage season that yo land your first ALARA opportunity.

At this masterclass, I work along side of you to ensure a thorough understanding of ALARA Planning & Principles, Radiological Engineering (much more advanced than an ALARA Tech) and the regulations which govern the operation and successful implementation of the ALARA Program.

Friday Evening:

  • Pre-registration 630 pm to 730 pm,

  • Meet & Greet 730 pm

  • Dinner 8 pm to 9 pm


Saturday: Masterclass Session (starts at 9 am):

  • Basis for the ALARA Program (1 hour 9-10)

  • ALARA Planning (1 hour 10-11)

  • What the regulators require of ALARA Programs​, AND how you can ensure they get what they want every single time. This is what separates you from the rest and creates in-demand value of your services (1 hour 11-Noon)

  • Noon to 1 pm (Lunch)

  • Industry events that have significantly impacted ALARA Programs and WHY you need to know about them (1 hour 1 - 2 pm)

  • Work In Progress Reviews and the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of what you should be tracking during work execution so you and the plant are not blind sided several months down the road. (1 hour 2-3)

  • How to keep plants in good standing with the regulators and ensure you are invited back as a Radiological Engineer every time. (1 hour 3-4)

  • How to stand out of the crowd with ALARA documentation (pre-job, in progress and post job reviews) that keeps employers wanting you back even more.

Sunday: Masterclass Training (starts at 9 am):

  • How to create value that keeps you at the competitive edge and ahead of your competition. (1 hour 9-10)

  • The exact steps I took to place myself in the ALARA program even though I had no formal education (1 hour 10-11)

  • Lunch (1100 to 1230)

  • Learning the skills that separate the top 3% of Radiological Engineers from the rest.​​ (1 hours 1230-2)

  • How to leave a trail of bread crumbs that always leads employers back to you for more. (1 hour 2-3)


After this masterclass you will;

  • Have more influence in the nuclear plants because of the increased value that you will gain above others in the marketplace

  • Know how to market yourself for Radiological Engineering opportunities

  • Gain the respect of your Peers, Supervisor's and Managers

  • Make more money by securing Radiological Engineering opportunities with your new skills

  • Break free from the Technician ranks and show people you are capable of so much more.

  • Be valued at what you are worth.

It's Your Time



We will have a roof top party to have a little fun so your weekend isn't ALL work!