LYIP International Self Mastery Event is an "all inclusive resort" 5 day event at an offshore location where you will experience a life of purpose, passion, leadership and learn how to master your throughts, feelings and actions that have been mastered by some of the most influential, successful and wealthiest people in the world.


The caliber of speakers that we bring to this event are some of the most well-known people in the world who started off with a vision for their life and will be sharing their success path with you from stage.

LYIP International Self Mastery Event

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  • All LYIP Events Tickets come with a 7-Day Refund Policy. Refund request must be submitted to before midnight on the 7th day after Event Ticket purchase date. If you cannot attend an event and the refund time limit is exceeded, you will recieve credit for the next LYIP Event.

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