LYIP International Event is a 3-day "All Inclusive" event where you will take the information you've learned in "EXCEEDING FREEDOM" and bring it to life with other successful entrepreneurs who are on the same path as you, AND from those who already learned the secrets of attracting better results in their life personally and financially. This is an exciting event that you definately want to attend.


By the fact that you are here on this page already means that you want better results in your life and you;ve made the decision to be in this exotic location with us so you can learn from us. Since you have already decided to be at this amazing event with us, purchase your ticket now and we will see you there. You will here from some of the best speakers in the industry on what it takes to attract your wants and desire into your life.

LYIP International Exceeding Freedom Event

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  • All LYIP Events Tickets come with a 7-Day Refund Policy. Refund request must be submitted to before midnight on the 7th day after Event Ticket purchase date. If you cannot attend an event and the refund time limit is exceeded, you will recieve credit for the next LYIP Event.

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