How To Grow Your Business From A Complete Newbie, Attract More Leads, Close More Sales, Build Your Team, Make Money from Those Who Do Not Join Your Opportunity, AND Make $1,000,000,00 In Your First Year


Ed Mercer Went from a Broke, Unemployed Nuclear Worker, Living on the Back Deck of Vacant Homes in Florida to Make Over $700 a Day Using a Proven Formula That You Can Use To Build Your Success  


Table of Contents

Where to Begin

Who Are You Listening To?

Knowing for Yourself

Your Story Matters

The People You Are Looking For Are Looking For You

Where to Find Your Target Market/Clients/Potential Business Partners

Solving Problems Gets You Paid

Funnel Them into the Funnel 

Educate Them Through The Process

Follow Up

How to Sell Anything You Want to the Right Person at the RIGHT Time

How to Create an Effective Sales Letter/Video

Building Your Team and Take Them on a Retreat for Team Expansion.

Leading By Example.

How To Make Over $700 A Day Even If Nobody Joins Your Business Opportunity


It only take 1% of 1 million visitors who you attract to your website to purchase from you to make $1,000,000.00. All you have to do is get your sales video or letter right and drive targeted traffic to it from one source. When you get good at one source, go to the next one and do the same thing there.


How to Make Your First Million


Break it down in segments:

1 million views per year = 83,000 views per month, which = 2,777 views per day. Even if your conversion of viewers to sales really SUCKS at 1%, that is 27 purchases per day.


If you are marketing a $27.00 product and 1% of the traffic purchases your product (27 people), that = $749/day X 30 days = $22,493.00 X 12 months = $269,924 per year. 3X your advertising budget and at this rate your income would be 3X’ed resulting in $809,773 in a year.


Are you starting to see how this works and how individual entrepreneurs are making million per year even without creating the own product? It’s all about who you serve and what you serve to them and this is income from people who do not even join your business opportunity (Yet)


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