“Hi, I’m Ed Mercer.


My passion and vision is to positively impact millions of people worldwide, and assisting them in realizing their own tremendous potential, which resides within. That they experience a successful way to live— with more money, less stress and more harmonious relationships, is the usual DREAM, and my ultimate goal.”


Ed Mercer, Business Owner, World-renown Personal Development Trainer and Millionaire Mentor

Launch Your Infinite Power (LYIP) Marketing System

Are you interested in starting a business that helps others achieve their dreams and offers unlimited income potential?

How do you want to live?

How do you want your life to look?

Are you tired of getting home everyday well after your spouse and children have eaten and heating yours up in the microwave?

Do you want more time in your life be the influence in your kids life instead of someone else raising them?

LYIP is a business opportunity for you to join the with the training and content that sets you up for instant and lasting success.



 Hi, I am Ed Mercer from the coast of Florida                                                                                    SUBMIT  FORM TO BE COACHED BY ED 

                                                                                                                                         (You'll Have Access To 18 Month Millionaire Road Map) 


You can! There is an ongoing training and Personal Development designed to teach you not only how to facilitate this information, but how to launch and run a successful business. Apply these principles to your own life and also create a business teaching others to do the same. AND you can start right now.


I went living out of my 2001 Ford F-150 and homeless to being free.











All my life I had this feeling, this voice inside of me telling me that I could Be, Do and Have anything that I desired so 

Why should you listen to me? Have you ever wanted a million dollar bank account? I've been where you are and struggled for months before I made a dime online. The fact is: ANYONE can become a millionaire. I turned to the internet to earn over 1.2 million in less than 18 months and there is no reason you can't do it too. The reality is.... YOU can BE, DO and HAVE anything you choose in life! Additionally, I host live business and training events every month in Florida with 100's of other marketers attending. If I am your coach, you'll get into these events for free.

Would you like to:

  • Finally succeed with making money from home?

  • Have money come into your bank account daily?

  • Earn more in a month than you make in a year?

  • Pay off "ALL" of your debt? The fact is..... You were sold into debt and I am going to help you eliminate it!

  • Buy the things you WANT instead of only the things you can only afford?

  • Tell your boss to shove off instead of taking orders from someone who is barely even qualified to do your job?

  • Wake up when you choose?

  • Live wherever you desire instead of where your jobs tells you to live?

  • Create a life that your spouse can be proud of while at the same time improving your relationship?

  • Leave a legacy for your children that will benefit them long after you are gone?

When you work with me you'll be able to:

  • Hit the ground running!

  • Use the internet to market to customers around the world (we don't do home parties or meet at the local Starbucks)!

  • Succeed! I've eliminated the single most factor that causes people to fail in the home business industry

I've connected with people who have made millions in this industry and applied what they taught in my business and my results literally changed overnight. Now I've committed to God that I would create more top earners before I retire. I don't want you to go through the struggles that I have gone through. 


We've all been there. I did the same and it sucked! It was not the way I wanted to build my business. I did NOT want to sit in front of the computer all day trying to figure things out. That was NOT the life I signed up for. I wanted answers!


I wanted more time in life to do the things I love like spend more time with my son and daughter), AND I wanted to make more money so I could stop living pay check - to - pay check. I was tired of spending all my money on advertising and paying bills with more month left than money.



Let me introduce you to a new way of making money online along side of what you are currently doing that will make building your business much easier, faster and simpler without all the hassles of pitching to friends and family, hosting home parties or meeting people at the local Starbucks in hopes to grow your online business. The fact is you need RESULTS and I can help you get them!

When I was only recruiting people into my business, it wasn't everyday and I was not making money everyday. It wasn't until I created my own products and online store that I've been making $90.00 to $600.00 per day. When you don't NEED to recruit anyone into your business to make money, your whole life is much better. Here is what I wake up to in the mornings when checking email.














You hear about others wining prizes, rank advancement and being featured on the company website, yet you are working hard to get the results you came into the industry for. AND you start questioning your decision and ask yourself.......


"Why NOT me, why am I not getting the results that others are getting, what are they doing that I am not"? This isn't worth it!

I eventually went to a company event in Hawaii and connected with some very powerhouse marketers who shared how they built their business me. In less than 30 days after the event, I made over $23,000, You want top earner results, showing up at your next company event and receiving recognition on stage for the the changes you made in your life and in your business? Then allow me to mentor you. 

These are your benefits of working with me. You'll finally be able to build your business like a professional and get what you came here for (more time, more money and fulfillment.) 

All the tools that I use for my business are listed in P E R C I P I E N C E including a video broadcast software that post our videos to all of our social network sites from one location (I don't have to go to each site and post to them them individually, which saves time.)  

Would you like to make money online? 


You have 3 options.

1. Get P E R C I P I E N C E , and follow the instructions for yourself.

2. Have me assist you for 4 weeks 1 call/week to ensure you are on the right track (Can renew each month).

3. Become part of my "Inner Circle" and get the mentoring from me every day of the week (excluding Sundays)

      BONUS OPTION: You have the opportunity to market the LAUNCH YOUR INFINITE POWER (LYIP) Events.

You make $100 for each event ticket that is purchase through you. Just make sure the person you referred

enters your contact information on the CHECKOUT page so I can pay you. If you are at the event, I will recognize

you on stage for your efforts It only cost $1.00 for to market the events. The $1 fee is just so I have your name &

address so I know where to send your check.

Join Our Inner Circle

Everything I owned was in my truck. I traveled around the country for 9 months out of the year just to work and take care of my children who lived with there mom. I was living a life that I never thought I would be living and I knew their had to be a better way so I searched for someone who had what I wanted and learned what the 3%er's new in terms of creating wealth. I found a business that I could work from home and within 90 days I quit my job because I made more in my 3rd month than than I took home in 7 months working for someone else.