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Hi, I'm Ed Mercer

One day when I was homeless, sleeping in my truck with my dogs in 20 below temperatures and starting the truck up every two hours to keep us warm, a cop paid for a hotel, filled my tank up with gas and bought me some food to eat. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for that officer. That was the day I ate the most humble piece of pie in my life. He said he would only do it under one condition and that is.....


That day I made a decision to take ownership of my lead generation because I never wanted to be in that position again. I was geeking out, seeking wisdom and getting every resource I could get my hands on.


When I first started in this industry, my upline said.....


  • Bring me your friends and family. 3-way theme to me and they will sign up in your business

  • Walk around the mall and place business cards on benches, people will contact your and will join your business.

  • Place bandit signs on the corner of busy intersections with an 800#, people will call your recorded message and ask you to call them back.

  • Go to this lead vendor and purchase leads for $4.00 per lead.

  • Do social media lives everyday and grow your team with your audience.

  • Send people messages through their messenger (its called networking).

  • Attend network marketing events and develop relationships. Then enroll them into your business.


Have you been asked to do any of these things?

If you are new to this industry, you probably don't even realize that you have a problem (the inability to generate new customers and clients for your business).

If you've been around for awhile and haven't figured out the formula, then "you know you have a problem" and just wish someone would teach it to you.


If you have figured it out and are finally making six figures a year, what I have for you will help you get to seven figures per year (but that is another conversation not to be discussed here) 


These are not the things successful entrepreneurs do to massively grow their business!

IF So, You Are Going To Be Insanely Happy With The Strategies That I Have AND You'll Probably Never Listen To Your Up-line Again!


Once I figured this out, Lead Generation Was No Longer An Issue AND Sales became very predictable.

There is a formula that gets results! A formula that when I implemented it has allowed me to generate over 237,000 leads for my business. The same formula that I will be sharing with you.

There IS a Formula for Success, AND Once You Have It, You'll Never Experience Impotent Lead Generation Again!

The same formula that I have acquired and implemented in my business that allow me to receive and award in the company I was in and when you implement it in your business you can soon get the same results.

Are You READY To See Your Business Turn Into A Sexy, Orgasmic Ride That Will Last A Lifetime?


Right now you might be thinking about all the things you tried that didn't work. BUT, today is different. I want you to know what it feels like to have plenty of people to talk to about your business and the feeling of making daily sales even from people who do not join your opportunity. When you run your business with what I am going to teach you, you will actually get paid to acquire new customers and clients for your business opportunity.

You can literally start generating 20 to 50 leads per day for your business and get paid to acquire them along the way.

Everything you need to know is in my online course "The 1 Year Plan" for Entrepreneurs and new videos will be uploaded frequently.





It Might Seem All Techy, but it really isn't!


There are just some things that (until today) nobody has EVER told you about and its actually SUPER SIMPLE).

It's the same formula that I have used to make as much as 45 sales a day.