Wants, desires, beliefs, differentiate message from competitors, create a better offer than your competitor (deliverables (features, advantages & benefits and what they do for the prospect (only a piece of the offer), examine the product.

Offer- most important component of campaign (buy now, get now and pay later, premiums that fill in the gap. Give extras when they buy the product

Risk- Take as much risk off the shoulders of the prospect

Reason to buy now

Buying belief- prospects need to believe in marketing theasus. Remove doubt.

Big marketing idea- What ensures your campaign stands out above others in the market place and above the hype. Use emotionally, compelling and intellectually interesting.

EC (PP + UM) +II = BI

EC = emotionally compelling (gives hope, excitement, the experience that has been eluding them)

PP= Primary Promise (how is my life going to get better, how to get rid of my pain, transformation of outcome). What make the primary promise emotionally compelling is unique mechanism. Make a different promise than your competitors using  your unique mechanism will deliver your promise to them. Introduce to them that they get to experience X because of the unique mechanism. Create demand for the unique mechanism before taking them to the offer.

UM= unique mechanism is what shows them how to get what they want on the primary promise that is being delivered. What is the part of your product that is the unique mechanism that will deliver on the primary promise. Its the statement...... I have a system that will get you the experience and outcome you want. Unique mechanism is what make your product so special that it will get them the results you promise. Create demand for exceeding freedom. create a demand that all roads lead to me to get the unique mechanism that will finally work for them. Create buying belief that your unique mechanism is what will get them them what they are looking to get. Cant be found anywhere else. Pre-sells for your product or service

Intellectually interesting = giving them that AH Ha moment.

Emotional Lead = 350 to 800 words to hook prospect instantly. Set the emotional hook in your prospect. Set the hook and real them in. Get the prospects excited by speaking to there heart first. Hook them emotionally. Get the excited about the payoff and what it can do for them

Bridge the gap with how you present your claims and proof about your unique mechanism. Talk to them that your unique mechanism is better than anything out there to deliver on the promise faster than anyone.

BI = 

desire to demand bridge. show them how the unique mechanism will get them what they emotionally want.