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I Help Network Marketers Become Top Earners - Adviser To The 3%'ers




Ed Mercer made his 1st million at the age of 32 with no formal education. Since then he surpassed $3 million. Ed will be sharing his knowledge/strategies at this event with other speakers who will help you learn to create, build and protect wealth. This event is for anyone who desires to build wealth, currently requires marketing activities to create wealth (business owners, realtors, network marketers, coaches or speakers), and those who are learning to protect the wealth they have already created

Here is a little peek at what's happening at this event:

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LYIP Wealth Conference January 2019

Hollywood, Florida

Here Is The Event That Was Held In Los Angeles

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  • I started a business, but just cant create momentum or the results I desire. 

  • I am posting my business on my Facebook page but none of my friends or family like or comment on my post.

  • My friends and family like my other post, but given no attention about my business post.

  • I joined groups on social media, but again nobody responds to my post. Most times not even a single like. 

  • I started sending my offer to people in messenger but nobody responds and I feel kinda spammy.

  • I am posting everything I can but nobody is buying my products, service or coaching program.

  • I talk to people I meet about my business, but I don't know how to begin. When I do, they don't want to listen.

  • I've been at this for a long time and hardly anyone has joined my business or purchased my product.

  • My spouse looks at me like I have 3 heads and I keep saying....."this is going to work. You will see. If I can just make 1 to 3 sales per week, we will be golden. It's going to happen soon"

  • I am working hard for success in the evening after I work my job all day and feel I am not paying attention to my family. I am feeling isolated from my children because my business is consuming my life.

  • I lay in bed awake every night wondering what the next action is to take, but unsure if any of it will even work.

  • Many times I think about throwing in the towel because every morning seems like a disappointment with "no sales" after all my hard work the night before. I am tired of working physically and mentally with no results.

  • I keep thinking my next action, next phone call, next person I meet will be a sale and they will be an ACE that will grow my team.

  • I've been successful in other things in life, but I am starting to feel like a failure in my business. I have the passion and drive for success and I am a positive person. I just need answers.

  • I am beginning to think this just doesn't work and I will be a slave to working for someone else the rest of my life. I want freedom so badly. People keep telling me that I have to know what I want in order for the money to flow in my life. I KNOW WHAT I WANT! I WANT THE MONEY!

  • I set high goals for myself and believe I will WIN, but others don't see me that way.

  • I know that I need help but I don't know who to trust and am afraid to ask.

  • I am so far into this and am no further ahead than when I started. I am still trying to figure things out, but also feel like giving up on my dream. My friends and family think I am an idiot for wasting all my time on this.


  • See everyone succeeding online and ask "Why NOT me?"

  • Want nothing more than to have a successful business that you can operate from your home, from the beach or anywhere.

  • Want to take care of your family, take them on vacations and buy them the things they want. 

  • Want to quit your job, have a life of freedom to wake up when you want, do what you want and go where you want instead of working an unfulfilling job, doesn't pay enough and work for a boss that is barely qualified to give you orders.

  • Are tired of where you are at in life personally & financially and know that you and your family deserve to have wealth, abundance and a life that you love. 

  • Are willing to put in the work to have the good life, but just need some direction and to put yourself in a position to succeed.


  • Want to make more money so you can wipe away all of your debt so you can have a less stressful life and have the things you want instead of settling for what you can afford..

  • Want the respect of your friends and family so they will stop looking at you and wondering when you will give up on "that thing" you are doing. You want them to look at you with pride because YOU did it! You took responsibility and made their lives better personally and financially. You are their HERO!


  How would you like to....

  • Have several hundred thousand people see your offer each week?

  • Have a steady stream of people asking how they can join your business?

  • Have a thriving, positive group of people to work with day in/day out?

  • No longer work so hard to grow your business and scale back to just a couple hours a day?


  • Have a network of people you can learn from every week and stop going at it alone (working your business by yourself is like entrepreneur suicide - you need like-minded people to surround yourself with instead of the people who do not believe in you)

  • Finally make the 5 figure or 6 figure monthly income that you see and hear others making in your business.

  • Travel to your company events where everybody knows your name because you are now a Rock Star!

  • ​Have a lifestyle that makes you feel great and be proud of what you created?

  • Start having the feeling of sweet successful again?

  • Have your spouse and children respect you, love you and be proud of you for what YOU created for them?

  • Turn all the people who doubted you into raving fans who envy the new life you created?



  • What you are missing is 3 very important pieces from your business. The pieces that will have people saying.....


"I do not want to work with other people in your business or others selling the same product. I only want to work with YOU!" When you have this piece in place, you will have to pick and choose the ones you work with and may have to turn people away.

  • The second piece is the secret sauce of where we all get a constant flow of highly targeted and qualified people to present our opportunity to.


If you've always thought the ones who make a lot of money in the industry have secrets, you are correct. We cannot possibly give this information to everybody. If we did, I am sure you can imagine what would happen.

  • There is a 3rd piece to the puzzle and it is an extremely important piece that you get it RIGHT. I will cover at this event. You can have the best of the above, but if you screw this 3rd piece up and don't get this right, then "all the above" will not matter and all you will be doing is spending time and money building your business with little results. YES, this 3rd piece is THAT IMPORTANT!

Once I learned this stuff from someone else, I made 5-Figures ($23,176.02) in my first 30 days and told my story at the next company event to over 1,600 attendees and then started speaking on the company training calls. That was in a different company that I will be forever grateful for because that it where I gained my leadership.

Before that I was driving around in a beat-up 2001 Ford F-150 pickup truck traveling from state -to-state for work with just about everything I owned packed in the back seat, front seat and bed of the truck.

























Since then, I have gone on to teaching this from stage to 100's of entrepreneurs at live events with ticket prices at $997.00 for a 3 day weekend and many of my clients went on to make six figures within their first year.














I have not given out all the information at these live events that I will be giving out at this MASTERMIND Event. What I am sharing at this event will be at cause for many attendees to reach 7 figures in 12 to 18 months and I don't know when I will host another Mastermind event this powerful again, IF ever. You miss out on this event, you may never have the chance to get this information again, Like the saying goes..... SNOOZE, YOU LOSE



That depends on YOU. So ask yourself...... 


  • How much longer do you want the people you love watch you work every waking moment away and not spend quality time with them (especially if you have young kids) because you are working all hours of the night. IF you have children...... They are growing up without you! How do you want them to remember you during their childhood?

  • Do YOU want to keep operating a business as the lone soldier and not have a community of entrepreneurs to help you or do you want a team of like-minded people that you can jump on the phone with and succeed together? There is nothing attractive about you going at it alone and I am sure it doesn't make you feel good about it either. All of those feeling will go away. You will work less, have your time back with your family and you will have their LOVE, RESPECT, HAPPINESS and SUPPORT for what you are doing.

  • How much longer do you want to spend trying to figure things out (2, 3, 4, 5 years), if ever? You will know EXACTLY what to do at this event to have your first $20,000 to $30,000 month. No more wondering what the leader are doing in your company. You will leave this event with the knowledge and power to start having leadership results.


You could spend the next several years with no results and spend $10,000 or more on website site fees, auto-ship, product purchases and other expenses of running a business, OR you could attend this event, spend a fraction of that cost and start making 5 figures a month after the event. YES, the information you will learn at this event IS that POWERFUL!

  • Is it worth being able to take care of your family without worrying about not having money and give them the life they will always treasure that YOU created for them? Is it worth it to finally do the things you've always desired, purchase the things you've always wanted and have enough money to help others when in need?

  • Is it worth it to not be in $100,000 or more in debt from paying your child's college tuition just so he/she can land a job for $50,000 per year when you can be making half of that each month.


The only reason your results in your business are where they are is because you've been misled and you are missing the most important pieces of the puzzle that breeds success. After this event, you will know more than 95% of entrepreneurs in the industry. You'll not only be able to earn more, but you also learn how to save more and invest more. It's about treating your business like a business and not like a hobby.

Here Is My Opinion....

You can keep doing what you are doing for the rest of your life and have the same results, OR you can DO what it takes and GET your butt to this event, learn how to make $30,000 plus per month and have the life you and your family can be proud of!


Results are not guaranteed because I don't know you yet (or your work ethic), but if you are willing to put in the work, you can have anything you want. That is the beauty about being an entrepreneur. Your income is not limited like it is when working for an employer. You at a defining moment for your life. What's it going to be? It's YOUR life to either choose to play small or BIG!


YOU will be the HERO to your spouse and your children! 

BUT BE WARNED: You may end up with some jealous friends.




This mastermind is designed to help business owners scale their income into 6, 7 or 8 figures, but everyone is welcome.

​Included is a 3 month Coaching Program to:

  • Develop Your Personal Million Dollar Brand.

  • Develop a New Paradigm which is keeping you from making the income your desire.

  • Assist you in making $10,0000 to $20,000 additional monthly income.

  • When you make 6 figures, I will;

 1. Invite you over to my house for a team mastermind with others who earn over $1 million/year.


 2. Fly to your home with my media team, interview you with with video & video as you are enjoying your life.

 3. You will have videos and a DVD of your new life to use for your marketing to assist you in scaling to 7 Figures.

  • When you make 7 figures, we are going to take an exotic international vacation somewhere with private jets, exotic cars and luxury mansions. Additionally, I will open up my network to you, my stage to you and assist you in making over $100,000 in a month.



This is an exciting event with entertainment, dinner, bar and the opportunity to learn from business leaders. Ed Mercer will share the "ONE" change you can make in your business to earn you an additional $10,000 to $20,000 per month at this event. Ticket prices include you 1 guest.