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I  N  T E  R  N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L

The Who Baba O'riley


Life & Business Coach - Founder & Creator LYIP International 

Ed Mercer has been a student personal development and increase of life since he was 12 years old..


His desire to learn how to improve his life propelled him into the world of online business allowed him to realize that the physical plane in which people live in  was created by corporations and governments to keep people stagnant and have no control over their own lives.


Ed started his first business working as an independent sales agent in the financial education industry at the age of 29 years old in a small apartment when fax machines operated with a roll of paper and dial-up internet. Ed possessed drive, passion and strong desire of entrepreneur success. Although he saw great results, he was not able to reach the level of success he desired. 


The success was short lived and he found himself back into the world of the system designed to keep people stuck by paying them just enough to survive.


Ed always searched for opportunities to break free from the system, but struggled to gain a solid foundation. Through necessity (after losing his six figure job as an Engineer) he once again looked for other options.


During this (with a life of uncertainty) Ed was in a life life crises in his personal life and financial life.


But overcome by finding a personal development company to work with. Results were not immediate, but when it happened, it happened BIG! Less than 3 months after Ed worked within the company he went on to create 5 figure months with a high of $74,000.00 within a sixty day period


After the company closed the doors, Ed is continually expanded his success in the coaching industry, utilizing his personal development and business growth talent to assist others in getting results personally and financially.  

Ed has authored development courses on leadership and business growth with others benefiting from them in several countries. 


Ed’s interest in developing transcending individuals and how they achieve success in business and life through the power of their infinite being and the power of stories to break free from adversity, led him to develop and create LYIP International to impact the lives of people around the globe..


Ed values family,, business and impact while assisting those in LYIP International utilizing LIFE FORCE to create POWER and CONTROL over there lives while at the same time developing meaningful relationships and improving the lives of their families,


Being able to constantly travel, while achieving success with business is a life worth living. 


Being humble, grateful, having humility and coming from a place of love and service for others are attributed to his success and the success of others on this journey.