EXCEEDING FREEDOM is a 90 Day Home Study Course for improving every area of your life.

Complete with Workbook, Journal, Goal Achievement System, and Audio Recordings, you will IMMEDIATELY notice shifts in your life. As you continue, you’ll experience ease attracting more money, less stress and better relationships, relishing how you have transformed your entire perspective and lifestyle.

Produced by company founders Ed Mercer & Daphne Marina


LYIP International Event is a 3-day "All Inclusive" event where you will take the information you've learned in "EXCEEDING FREEDOM" and bring it to life with other successful entrepreneurs who are on the same path as you, AND from those who already learned the secrets of attracting better results in their life personally and financially. This is an exciting event that you definately want to attend.


By the fact that you are here on this page already means that you want better results in your life and you;ve made the decision to be in this exotic location with us so you can learn from us. Since you have already decided to be at this amazing event with us, purchase your ticket now and we will see you there. You will here from some of the best speakers in the industry on what it takes to attract your wants and desire into your life,


At this self mastery event you be in company with an an exceptional community of positive like minded people stepping up in their lives. This event is for commitment to your commitment, leadership, and 100% transformation.

Self Mastery Event is and enlightening event to anyone dedicated to personal growth. Participants get access to the wisdom and coaching of the worlds greatest speakers. people you wouldn’t be able to sit down with except with LYIP International (speakers who charge $20,000 to speak at the event). This event is the 

pinnicle of personal improvement where everyone takes it to a higher level.

An event consisting of fun, focus, eye opening and paired with once in a lifetime activities and turning concepts into action.

Prepare yourself to be connected to the world and to one another and to be forever changed!

Brought To YOU By The Founder Of:

L Y I P 


Ed Mercer

Multi-Millionaire Mission: FACT: 97% of business owners fail online. Our mission is to turn these numbers right side up to have a 97% success rate. WE are taking this company to $100 million in 3 to 5 years. Come join us, learn how to grow your online business and help others.

Who is LYIP for: 

  • You know you are meant to be more than who you are now.

  • You have a strong desire for success, to be somebody and leave a legacy. 

  • You want nothing more than to have a successful business.  

  • You are either brand new or advanced with a home business. 

  • You want to launch or expand your current business right now and earn a consistent, full-time income. 

Who is LYIP NOT for: 

  • You do not want to be in business. LYIP is only for people who want to succeed with a home business and want to make a difference in peoples lives.

  • You are not serious about growing your business and just experimenting. LYIP is more serious people ONLY. 

  • You do not have the dedication, determination and drive to make the most out of this for you and your family. 

  • You are NOT ready to start OR expand your business immediately. 


Get back with the person who introduced you to LYIP International and let them know you are ready to get started