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A Process That Can 

Take Complete Newbies 

To 30K+ Per Month in 90 Days

Online Business is the NOW and the FUTURE, Are You Ready to

MAKE significant changes in your life?



Congratulations on the Life You've Created!

Are You Ready To Go Further? 



You've made 6-figures or want to make your 7 because you are this type of person......

  • You Dream Big and take action..

  • You seek wisdom and  mentorship

  • You are intuitive and creative

  • You thrive on knowledge to move ahead

  • You aren’t afraid to risk failure to get more of what you want.

  • You do not like trading time for money.

  • You focus on your strengths and develop new ones.

  • You are courageous!

  • You have a vision filled with passion

  • You are an Independent Thinker

  • You focus on Investment strategies that maximize unrealized (nontaxable)

  • You are GREAT at sales (even when it comes to selling yourself)

  • You give it your ALL to maintain the lifestyle you've created

Life is ALL About Making Your Next Move, Increasing Your Income And Having The Time To Enjoy It!

Life for me used to be hard!

I didn't like "just having enough money to survive" and I did not like other people telling me what to do.

Sitting in a cubicle at work having thoughts of freedom and doing things I love is all I could focus on. The entrepreneur spirit was always in me the and started 10 year before having any level of success.

Since February of 2000 I was still driving around in a 2001 Ford F150 Truck.

I was tired of being tired and no longer wanted to go through life without really "living while I was alive"

It took sometime to figure out this online world of business, but once I did my highest month was $74,000.   

What Is It That You Want For Your Life?



We are Ed & Renata Oliveira  Mercer

Not to long ago I was making only $102,000 per year, could not travel much because the company so graciously gave me just 2 weeks vacation every year. I was unfulfilled in my job. I felt STUCK and was determined to get more from life!


Renata is an intelligent and talented singer who was living in Brazil without much opportunity to apply her gift to better her life.


After learning how to create over a million dollars online, we created a simple (easy to follow) system that allows Freedom and Increase of Life (with just a cell phone and laptop, you can work this business from anywhere in the world - even on the beach).   

A System That Does The Telling, Selling & Explaining for You

We created our company with a complete affiliate program that pays out life changing commissions for our associates.

We Have A Very Simple System And Committed To Providing You With The Opportunity To Earn $5000 or $50,000 Or More Per Month WITHIN 60 to 90 Days!

We Are A Lifestyle By Design Company 

Leadership opportunity to earn a REALISTIC $500k+ 1st year income potential.

•    Do YOU consider yourself a MAVERICK?

•    Have the ability to be developed into leadership?

•    The desire for more to maintain or increase the lifestyle that you have created?


Have you ever thought about...

•    the ability to fly private?

•    taking yacht excursions?

  • traveling to exotic locations?



Life Is Like A Game of Chess. You Are Climbing Or Falling. Nothing Stays The Same!



You already know that continuing the climb requires.....


  • Facing the unknown,

  • Learning a new skill (or contracting someone who can take your business further, faster and more profitable,

  • Acquiring knowledge that you did not have before to get to where you want to go.

It's about....


  • Climbing on the shoulders of others who can assist your company in reaching new heights,

  • Taking advantages of opportunities when presented,

  • Doing things that others who do climb are afraid to do.


Do you like hanging out with amazing people? do'ers, go getters, people with a passion for life?...... 


  • Building a business is great when you work with a great team who are positive, powerful in their own  lives.

  • Have the ability to empower and change other people lives.

  • Mastered the art of personal growth

  • Mastered the art of business growth

  • Support each other goals and dreams with accountability and action.

LYIP is all about elevating your life, your income and the experiences that you live in this lifetime.


You get our $50k Plus Per Month Closing Script.

Live Training & Business Presentation Calls (5 Days Per Week)

You Earn $1000 to $5,000 Commission Per Sale to get you to $20k+/month

Affiliate Commission Pay Out On Personal Sales.

Selling, Convincing & Explaining ELIMINATED!  Live Call System Does This Work For Our Associates.

Mickey Mouse Business With Low Commission & No Life Transformation - NEVER AGAIN! - We are in a $39 Billion Industry

Multi-Level Marketing? NO WAY!

No Technical Skills Required. WE GOT YOU COVERED!

Speed To Market - YOU CAN BE UP AND RUNNING IN 24 to 48 HOURS





IF you are a positive, motivated, self-starting person who is ready for elevation personally, financially and life experience, then register for the LIVE ZOOM call. 

Take the next step and and we will see you there!.

In Life we are are either playing to win or playing not to lose. We love playing to win! There is nothing attractive about playing small.