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Hi, I am Ed Mercer

Are you tired of not making money in your business, tired of not being able to generate leads and waking up to another day of disappointment with no new members or sales. You want more time, more money and a fulfilling life.

I know how you feel because I felt those same feelings that you may be having right now.


I learned a few things which has allowed me to get results FAST and have manifested so many amazing things in my life. On a FREE 60 minute webinar I am going to assist you in properly applying these principles so you can make more money and live an INCREDIBLE Life! What I am talking about is building a value service business.

Just for requesting access to the webinar, I am also going to provide you with:


1) The 5 simple steps I used to double the number of subscribers to a financial newsletter from 400,000 to 800,000… and how you can use the same strategy to improve any other type of mailing.

2) How to give profitable seminars… discover the secrets I learned about how to give successful seminars... the techniques to ensure they ran smoothly… which allowed me to charge up to $5,000 per attendee… and ensure they all got their money’s worth… and how you can do it too.

3) Discover the correct mindset of success… I used to help me make more money in 30 days than in the previous 6 months… and you can use too!

When I lost my job in 2005, all I could think about was the debt i had and my inability to financially take care of my family. I could visualize what I desired and saw it very clearly, but because I focused on the negative situations I was experiencing in life I kept getting more of what I didn't want and a lot less of what I truly desired.

I learned that if I sat there on the couch hoping, wishing and praying long enough, that someone someday was going to come along and take the couch and the house that it was sitting in. What I had to do was formulate a plan that would allow me to acquire riches, which became my primary focus.

I scoured the internet for people who knew the answers that would assist me to solve my problems that I believed were controlling my life. After months of sleepless nights, the answers were finally revealed. It was that day that changed my life forever! I found a way to help struggling businesses turn around and have success.  


Once I found these answers and how to apply these principles of success, I started attracting my wants, desires and began improving the course of my life. My business took off FAST. Now my purpose is to help people have more FUN, make more MONEY, have BETTER RELATIONSHIPS and create time freedom to really ENJOY LIFE!













The mind cannot hold a positive thought and a negative thought at the same time. So we have to ensure our thoughts are focused on what we want vs. what we don't want while having a plan to acquire what we desire and to put that plan into full action. I would like to help you serve others and for you to get paid for it.

The Law of Attraction is not the primary law of success or the primary law to acquire your desires. There are actually several laws that when used in harmony will bring you everything that you desire. The most important laws are:


The Law of Compensation, which is best explained as:

1. Is there a high demand for what you do or the knowledge/skills that you posses.

2. Become really really great at delivering that need, and

3. Make yourself so good at it that you are irreplaceable.

When you have these 3 principles aligned, you can command any price you desire for the service you can offer.

The next "and probably the most important" Law of Success is the Law of Vibration. When you are operating at a much higher frequency than those around you, you are at a much higher vibration and this in fact invokes the Law of Attraction and brings your desires to you.


We are all connected in one form or another and our level of vibration is the energy that we are connecting with.


The Law of Association is the law that can get you there much faster. Simply said.... find someone who has what you want and do as they do. I want to help you live an exciting and prosperous life.

I have used these principles to attract over $3 million to me in my area of profession and I offer these Laws of Success to you so that you can begin to attract more of what you do want and less of what you don't want.

When you apply these Laws of Success in harmony, you will see your desires and success come to you faster than you can even begin to imagine and it can begin almost overnight when these Laws are applied in harmony.

This is not a difficult process, but will require an environment that you can apply and operate them in so you can attract riches that can be used to obtain your personal wants, desires and goals.

Ed Mercer








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