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Hi I am Ed Mercer,

I put this video up so you can get to know me a little better. Watch it now before reading the rest of the page.

There is a reason you found my page today. Maybe you've been searching for a home business for a long time, a home business that you can feel great about, a home business that will fulfill your life's greater purpose. 

The fact that you've been searching for a business that you can work from home and that you found my page today means  you've been searching for the answer to some real problems for awhile. It also means that you are in the right place at the right time and I am excited for you that you found me. Most home business owners, distributors or independent associates claim they have a turnkey system that you can use to make money from home with a real business but they really don't.


So, what do you want a home business to do for you?


Are you no longer satisfied with your job, your employer, the people you work with? Are you feeling unappreciated for the work you do for them?


Is not having enough time an issue for you, keeping you from being the spouse or parent that you want to be? The people you love are growing up without you in their life and time is keeping you from being the best parent, best spouse and you are starting to feel that there has got to be so much more in life. 


Maybe you have goals living inside you and they've been their for long time. You want nothing more than to bring them out an make them a reality but you simply don't know.

Do you have a limited flow of money that is keeping you from doing the things you want in life, having the things of choice, living where you want or providing more for your spouse and children?


Do you want to travel more? Take vacations to places like Cancun Mexico, Rome Italy, Sydney Australia etc, purchase a home, pay off your existing home, pay for your child's tuition, buy a new car or a boat?

I am going to show you how my home business can help you get everything you want.


Here is what my home business can do for you and I am going to tell you why. Once you fill out the form at the bottom of the page, I am going to show you how.

  • You can work this business part-time from your home until your income replaces your job income. When I got started in the home business industry, I only required $6000 per month to completely replace my income and once I did I had time freedom, a lot less stress, paid off debt and had better relationships because I was happier. In my 3rd month of getting started in the home business industry I made $23,000 in less than 30 days. It wasn't magic or overnight business success. I had to learn a few things (the same things that I will be teaching you so you can do it faster than I did).

  • When you reach this point, you will have time freedom to work on your goals, enjoy your hobbies, spend more time with your spouse and children, and help others or do what is meaningful to you. I don't know how much money you require to have this kind of freedom, but we can talk about later when we are on the phone together. Whatever your "FREEDOM Number" is, I will provide you with a road map for getting there with this business. 

  • If you just follow the success principles that I provide on our training calls, you'll be able to travel more because this home business is completely portable. You can operate this business just a few hours a day with your cell phone. The interesting thing is, the more I travel, the more fun I have in life, the more I make and this can happen for you too FAST.

  • Having your own schedule. Imagine your day waking up without an alarm clock, having coffee at your leisure at home with no pressure of driving in rush hour traffic to work at a job for a boss that is barely qualified to give you orders. You log into your business account in the morning, check / tweak a few things to ensure a "well-oiled" machine is running, attend a 30 minute business training call, spend 1 to 3 hours per day working your home business and know precisely how much you will make each week.  

How do I know this will work for you?​

Because I have been where you are!

  • I've worked a job that paid me a great income, but was unfulfilling.

  • I bought into the security of having an employer and then nearly lost everything I owned.

  • I attempted several home businesses in the past and never had any real level of success.

  • I then found the true path to success from home, pulled myself out of my B.S. life when I was homeless simply by changing the way I thought.


My best thinking back then created the horrific life that I was experiencing. If you didn't watch the video above about my story then do it now. What I realized through the help of others is that I could not fix my problems with the same level of thinking that caused them. If I was to have a different result in life, it required me to think differently, to stop being a victim, invest in myself, learn from people that had what I wanted and start winning if life!


I had to invest in myself, develop this new way of thinking, and follow someone who already had success in a home business. I did not give up and completely transformed my life! All while I was homeless and sleeping on the back decks of vacant homes, I was creating my vision and doing things of someone who was already a self-made millionaire. Eight months later my life was completely different and I was asked to tell my story from stage and talk about achieving success to nearly 2000 entrepreneurs and business owners in the audience.



As my life progressed and success continued to roll in, I was asked to speak on company business training calls assisting 1000's of others in achieving better results in their home business. In less than 1 year, I was awarded a top earner award by the founders of the company. How would you like this to happen for you?

Why will you this work for you to achieve your goals?​


  • I have a system that works, PERIOD! Most home business distributors claim they have a system in place but they really don't and you do not find this out until "after" you get started with them, spent your money and are left figuring everything out for yourself.

  • I've tested my system on stay-at-home moms, truck-drivers, CEO's, Managers, school teachers, house-wives, dad's, my cousin and even college students and the home business system worked the same for everyone. The reason is that I removed the most common denominator of why people fail in a home business. I have effectively removed the HUMAN VARIABLE! Meaning I have a sales team that closes your sales so you can make money right away instead of taking weeks, months, years trying to figure things out. 

  • I'm going to allow you to use the exact home business system that I have been using since 2005 because I care about your success so you can finally be home with the ones you love.

  • Results with my home business system is like clockwork. You'll be able to look at your numbers and know exactly when you will make money with your business all from home. 


  • Mentoring with Millionaires: The quickest path to your success in a home business is finding someone who has the result you desire, learn from them, emulate them and do as they do and you will have the same as them. The reality is, your job income will be very similar to the 5 closest people in your circle of influence. Surround yourself with those operating at a higher level of success and your life changes significantly! Associating yourself with winners in the home business is your quickest way to achieving your goals.

  • Most importantly, I BELIEVE IN YOU! There is a dream inside of you. It's waiting for you to step into it and I want to keep your dream alive. I want you to start believing in yourself and to start doing that now. When you fuel your desires, your dreams, your goals with absolute belief in yourself, you become unstoppable and nobody or anything can get in your way!

If you can do the work and never give up, you can accomplish anything! I am willing to work with anyone who truly has desire and dedication the their success. If you are not willing to put in the work, please do not request me to get back with you. I only work with people who truly want to change their life. If that is you, then I would love to help you.

Here is my promise to you...... I will stay by your side along the way and I will always provide you with the best service possible by investing in myself so that I can always ensure my distributors have the best home business experience, training and tools to succeed in the home business industry.

Here are a few people that I have assisted in improving their situation with this home business and are now on the Leadership Team. You'll see them on the corporate website and hear them hosting the "live" business overview calls.


I do not personally enroll anymore. I am now a rainmaker, which means I make it rain with sales in YOUR business while you are getting your feet on the ground and getting setup with this business. It is very rare that you will find a rainmaker in any other business because they are mostly worried about making their own sales for themselves. The sooner you come into this business, the sooner I can make sales for you. 

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