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How LYIP Helps Grow Your Online Business

The Co-Founders of LYIP Ed Mercer & Daphne Marina recognize a fatal flaw in the Network Marketing Industry. Many people get started in a business, have no leadership and their sponsor cannot provide them with the tools and skills to be successful.


LYIP is committed to increasing the success rate throughout the industry as a one-stop-shop to provide their clients with the personal growth principles, tools and skills to be successful with their home business.  

How LYIP Steps to Success Can Help You Get More Prospects, Customers, and Reps for YOUR Business Today!


Do you feel you are right at the edge of a breakthrough and achieving your goals with your business?

How is your lead generation going?


Do you have enough people to speak with each day about your business?

If not, LYIP can change that for you… forever.

Achieving success in network marketing requires a lot of work (especially for the beginner). You may have been told it is easy, but if you are doing it alone it’s NOT. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have been struggling to achieve success in your business, if you want to take your business to the next level but don’t know how, then I have some great news for you.


LYIP's  reason for being in business is to assist people in achieving success much faster and to develop as many leaders as possible in the industry. Our mission is to take LYIP to a $10 million company over the next 3 to 5 years and we cannot do that unless we provide everyone with the top earner principles of success.

If you pay attention to what we teach and execute the actions we lay out for you, you’ll be able to get more interested people to talk to about for your business on a daily basis, and you’ll become a great closer of sales that will benefit you in your business, AND it can happen fast.


The first step to fixing a problem is to get help with fixing the problem and not try to do it alone. Success comes much faster when you have someone experienced to work with who already has what you desire.

With LYIP, you have a place to direct your team members to get the training required for success. You will no longer have the fear of "What do I do with my new recruits when I cannot even teach them how to achieve success." You will no longer have the anxiety of bringing someone on your team and having them see that you are doing it all alone. You now have the opportunity for yourself and for your new recruits to be trained by 6 & 7 figure mentoring.





Every successful business owner has a consistent flow of people to connect and engage with on a daily basis about their business. If you do not have this, then you will not have a successful business and likely end up quitting and staying in that job that you so much want to get out of, or maybe you just need more money to take care of your family, purchase a new car, house, boat or take a well deserved nice vacation.

LYIP shows you how to fix this part of your business through our live training calls and practical actions that you can apply in your business. It’s not difficult, but it very well may be that you;

  1. Your content isn't connecting with anyone, and

  2. You are marketing to the wrong people.

As a member of LYIP, you will learn exactly what your message should talk about and target your message to the audience who are more apt to join you in your business.

We will also teach you how to make money from the people who said "No" to your business opportunity.

Successful entrepreneurs that go on to become top earners achieve this because of "who they are being"  in there business and who their message is being communicated to.




Does your message consist of valuable content that makes your audience engage with your content? This is so important to growing your online business. When you are engaging people with value, you are attracting them into your business. This is something that if you do correctly, you will have a thriving business.

Done correctly, people will begin to know you, love you and trust you and they will buy your products, service or join you in your home business.


If people are not engaging with you and your content, then you’ll want to master this skill immediately so you can get the results that you came in the industry to get. You MUST develop this skill, PERIOD!

LYIP provides you with the 3 components of your message that drives people into seeing that there is no other option than getting started with you.



Your ability to communicate effectively is key to growing a successful home business because people join people. Not because you are with the greatest company under the sun with the best products and compensation plan that has ever existed. 

People are buying you and the more you master your ability to effectively communicate, the larger you'll be able to grow a team no matter what business you are in.




Your ability to convert your audience means EVERYTHING to the bottom line of your business. This is when you will see increasing results in your bank account and when you get good at it, you’ll see results like clockwork.


You'll know;

  • The exact conversation to have.

  • The number of conversations to have.

  • The number of people that convert per 100 (it has nothing to do with finding the ACES), and

  • When you will make money based on the above numbers.


Doing this correctly with the number of required quality prospects is what puts money into your business on a daily basis. 

Most home business owners are afraid when it comes time to ask for the sale and this keeps them broke.

LYIP will turn you into a MASTER CLOSER and you will not have to get someone on a 3-way to have them do the closing for you.

As you continue to grow in this area, always ask yourself, “Why would anybody join me!?”

If you don't know the answer to this question, then this is another reason you need to get training from LYIP. If you do not fix this part of your mindset and your business, then you will always struggle to make sales and grow your business.



This is the most important activity of an entrepreneur and I the “One Thing” that all successful network marketers and business owners do on a daily basis until they finally developed themselves into who they are which provided them with the results they are experiencing.

LYIP takes you through a 90 Day Personal Development Home Study Course to development into the mindset and actions that all top earners have in common.


In addition to using and applying the 90 Day program on a daily basis at your home, LYIP Co-founder (author of the course) host weekly personal development calls discussing the principles that allowed him to be the owner of a multi-million dollar business model and how you can develop yourself and implement them in your business.

If you apply focus on building, improving, and developing these skills for the next 30, 60, and 90 days, you will see a HUGE difference in your business and be on your way to living the life you signed up for when you got started in this industry.


LYIP is a Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Training Company that assist you in growing as an individual, group and teaches you how to get more leads, become a power closer, and make more money in any home based business.


With the LYIP community, websites, tools, and technology you can build your business faster, smarter, and exactly like 6- and 7-figure earners starting today. The LYIP community is comprised of entrepreneurs from all companies, you may just find your next business partner here in side LYIP International.

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