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90 Days to Improving Your Life Forever!

Purchase Exceeding Freedom Today

 Your Journey Begins Now!

EXCEEDING FREEDOM is a 90 Day Personal Development Home Study Course combined with coaching from LYIP Founder & Leaders. This program has the POWER to completely transform YOUR life. Everything that you have been taught, everything you have experienced and everything you have been told are controlling the results in your life.


The fact that you are here right now means that you want to improve your life and you want the knowledge of how to create a better outcome for you and your family. You know that EXCEEDING FREEDOM is something different than everything you've learned in life and that having a copy of it in your hands is what you desire (you can just feel it's what you've been looking for). You know that the cost of purchasing it is well worth the reward of improving the life you've been experiencing.


Changing your results requires a change in thinking. Problems in life cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that allowed them to be created. It requires a new set of beliefs, the ability to see yourself as the best version of YOU and changing your habits. When you do this, you change your results, PERIOD!


EXCEEDING FREEDOM along with coaching from LYIP Founder Ed Mercer and Leaders carries a value of at least 100 times the purchase price but I have kept it affordable for you. Success for me is sitting on my yacht off the coast of Florida with my family and my business partner, knowing that we have assisted millions of people across the globe in realizing a better way to live. Keeping the price affordable allows me to positively impact more peoples lives around the world.


This information has been responsible for all of the successful people that have ever lived and living at the present time. The information has been suppressed from the world for nearly 3000 years by people who knew it, practiced it and utilized it to create immense wealth. It was provided by some of the most powerful teaches in the world. It contains the information that 3% of the population know and have mastered and has intentionally been kept from the masses. The same 3% that controls 97% of the worlds money.

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