ED MERCER (for more about Ed's Journey - Click Here
Philanthropist, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Founder of Launch Your Infinite Power Events
A young boy from a very poor community who used his mind to break the mold of the Mercer bloodline and created a new family  foundation for the Mercer name forever. With no formal education, Ed catapulted himself and his sister's family into a 6 figure income and a life they love.  Never expected to cross to the other side of the tracks, Ed became a Nuclear Engineer in his 20's and became a Manager of a Nuclear Power Facility.
Ed has surpassed over $3.2 Million and shares his success habits at his events.
Ed became a network marketer who achieved astonishing results, which drove him to be a speaker, coach and event producer to help others improve their business. Ed has been in the Network Marketing profession since 2005, is now retired from recruiting and focuses exclusively on training entrepreneurs through his company LYIP International. Ed has been a top producer, building sales organizations internationally, a high-level marketing consultant and Founder/President of a multi-million dollar business model networking company
FACT: Anyone Can Create Wealth