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As a Project Manager you are likely going through your project schedule line by line with your team to make sense of the PDF or Excel file to determine the project status.

After the daily schedule run you are sifting and sorting the P 6 but it simply is not an efficient use of your time when your focus needs to be on the implementation/execution of your project.

At the end of the day you may know what activities have started, but do you really have a good idea of the ones that didn't start on time?

What about project cost? Most Project Managers have no idea what the daily budget is for the duration of the project or whether the cost for the project is on-track or off-track 


You try to be as prepared as you can before attending the daily accountability meetings with the senior leadership team, but do not always have the answers. So on the fly you come up with words you think they want to hear. The problem is......


"EVERYONE in the room knows you are reaching for straws to make them believe you have a good handle on your project status. When the answers are not satisfying, it becomes a snowball effect with more questions and you start feeling like all eyes are on you an are losing confidence in your ability."  

We have attended these meetings and witnessed this many times. Shortly after, the Project Manager gets replaced and has a difficult time getting another project to sustain the livelihood for their family.

That is why we created "My Project Dashboard" for you and other Project Managers to have all the data at your fingertips in a moments notice (whether on your desktop computer, laptop or your cell phone.

Here is how it works....

  • You send us your project schedule (with work orders, description, duration, work order start dates, work order finish dates, craft code and work order cost estimates)

  • We load it in our system, let our formulas to take over and send it back to you within 24 hours.


Execution Time - Send us your updated schedule after your schedule and we send you your dashboard update in less the 1 hour.

The next time you attend a project meeting you'll have all the information at your fingertips and never worry about not having the answers again. We can add anything you want about your project into your daily dashboard.

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You have your Project P6, work orders are planned and the schedule is published.

Now what?

Two of the most common projects management challenges are the lack of ability to track project cost estimates vs. actual and work production on a daily basis.


Managing daily project costs are the principal problem faced by Project Managers leading to uncertainty if the project will come in under budget. 

Managing the production of the work, work packages that are in progress and work that has been completed becomes a headache because you never really know where the project is at.


Not knowing the project status, makes it even harder to project completion cost.


For these reasons, it is absolutely critical to adopt a project management tool that can efficiently calculate, project and help you monitor project costs and production along the way using.

  • The project’s start and finish dates

  • Each individual project task and who is responsible for them

  • When tasks start and finish and how long they should take

  • How tasks group together, overlap and depend on each other

  • The project’s progress and whether you’re keeping up with the schedule

You'll be able to...


  • Take that information, apply formulas to it to have daily cost estimates of the work distributed over the duration of the work so you can compare daily actual cost to see EXACTLY where you are at?

  • Apply formulas and filters to see the work order status, how many work orders are complete, in progress and not started compared to the total work orders with estimates assigned?

  • Apply formulas so that your project daily cost floats with the work start date vs. the work commencing after the daily cost was already recorded?

  • Have a series of graphs with automatic feed of the data so the graphs are complete the day the project finishes your project reports, allowing you to focus your attention project implementation/execution?



Ed Mercer 

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The BIRTH of B.C.E.P (Business, Community, Education, Philanthropy)

While working for a large corporation, Ed Mercer (on his own time and hard work) developed a spreadsheet with formulas and auto-feed graphs for daily project cost estimating, reporting and producing graphs that far exceeded his peers in the company. This allowed him to get the work done 4 to 6 months ahead of schedule than his peers and with detailed granularity.

After a year of perfecting, Ed decided to build his own company once other project managers were asking him to teach them these skills. His work is now valued by Project Management Professionals nationally throughout the United States.

Today, his company provides expertise to a variety of companies with $100K+, $1M+ and $10M+ projects to streamline their tracking mechanism so they know precisely where the project is on a daily basis. Everyday your project schedule updates, we apply filters and formulas so you can effectively track production, estimated cost to-date and actual cost to-date

You can take the B.C.E.P online course and apply this expertise to your project. Our online course comes with video tutorials, our spreadsheet with built-in formulas and the graphs you see here on this page. All you have to do is plug in your data set,



Or work 1-on-1 with Ed and the B.C.E.P Team to expedite your expertise.


Just fill out the form to book a call with the B.C.E.P office to work 1-on-1 with Ed and his team. 

How Will You Benefit? 

Financial Savings

  • You will not have expenses of travel by car or by flight.

  • You will not have the expense of hotel cost or food while being away from home.

Financial Benefits

  • Mastering Excel allows you to stand out above your peers and be seen as the expert in your organization.

  • Experts who can fill a need typically make more money in their profession.

What You Will Learn......


  • You learn how to create beautiful graphs for your projects, your business, your life.

  • Use these graphs to organize and show any data that you choose.

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Managing Any Spreadsheet Of Any Size

  • You'll be able to download my spreadsheet containing all the formulas that you will learn in this Masterclass.

  • You will learn how to use these formulas to dissect and size data set to bring you back everything you are looking for in less than 5 minutes that takes most people days, weeks and even months to do.

You'll Get Access To Our Videos Series With Spreadsheet Provided To Follow Along So You Can Apply The Formulas And Graphs To Your Project 

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BASIC OPERATION of common formulas of EXCEL that many do not even know exist.

V-LOOKUP Formula to bring back a data set from another spreadsheet to have everything in one place.

SUM Formula to and add results in 20,000+ cells in less than 30 seconds.

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Concatenate Formula to merge to columns of data sets into a single column when you need to use the V-LOOKUP formula when the data you need to find doesn't match

SUMIF Formula to total the results of a certain data set for a particular group or field and bring that information back to you in less than 60 seconds.

Future Distribution Formula - How to use formulas to create future daily budgets given a fixed value that needs to be distributed over a predetermined duration.

What Makes Us Different? 

There are many classes/courses you could pay for but you don't always know what you are getting, AND after the class or course you are left to figure things out on your own without being much further ahead than when you started


  1. You will be learning from an instructor who became the Top 5% is his field using the powerful formulas of Excel that companies hire for $10,000 per week to train their organization.

  2. We provide a spreadsheet with over 5000 lines of data (the same spreadsheet we use in the training videos) that comes with "built in" formulas so you can see how they are applied. This expedites your learning above all other Excel courses in the market.

  3. Our training videos and spreadsheet are housed inside a secure members area that you can access from anywhere in the world on your desktop computer or on your cell phone.

  4. Our service doesn't just stop when the course is over. If you have a question, you'll be able to send our customer service department a message from inside the training course platform (questions are not answered live, but will be answered by our customers service department when they are not handling other questions by our students)

  5. If you cannot get the formulas that we teach to work for your spreadsheet/project, you have a "one-time" opportunity to send us your spreadsheet, tell us what you want and we will send it back to you with a the formula working for you. After the first "one-time" opportunity, our customers service will work with you for a fee that depends on the size of the project you are building.

  6. In the end, you'll be a master at what we teach, stand out above your peers, be recognized for your new skills/talent and quite possibly receive a raise or a new position that pays much more than your peers sitting in the cubicle next to you.  

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