Entrepreneur Event Curriculum

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Weekly Training Modules With Ed Mercer

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You'll Learn

1. Writing Ad Copy That Sells

2. Creating Great Video Content That Coverts

3. How To Effectively Sell Your Product or Service

4. The Right Way To Use Facebook Advertising To Grow Your Business

5. Automating 95% of Your Business And Focus on Income Activities

6. How To Conduct Live Streaming for Your Business Presentation

7. Results Driven Prospecting & 80% Closing Ratio

8. How To Build a $50,000 Per Month Membership Site

9. Facts Tell, Stories Sell - What Is Your Story?

10. The Truth About Making Money Online - Full Disclosure

11. Construct Proven to Produce Social Media Advertising

12. Using Instagram Effectively to Grow Your Online Business

13. Creating Effective Content That Gets Results Every time

14. Dialing In Your Lead Generation

15. Creating An Effective Landing Page

16. Following up With Your Leads Without Typing A Single Email

17. Effective Call To Action That Gest Results

18. Advanced Targeting - Who Is Your Customer & How To Attract Them

19. Video Production For Results

20. Advanced Live Stream Marketing

21. Dissecting Crappy Ads And Making Them Work 

22. Retargeting On Facebook, YouTube & Instagram

23. Create/Sell Your Own Product/Book And Position You As A Leader 

24. Bonus Training That Will Blow Your Frickin Mind