Advertising and Marketing on the Internet:

Use of the Internet connects our products and services to customers across the country and around the world. Rules and guidelines are enforced to protect consumers and these also help our business by maintaining our credibility while using the internet as a marketing medium. 

Testimonials and endorsements must reflect the typical experiences of consumers and distributers, unless the ad clearly and conspicuously states otherwise. A statement that not all consumers or distributors will get the same results is not enough to qualify a claim. Testimonials and endorsements cannot be used to make a claim that the advertiser itself cannot substantiate.

Advertising must always tell the truth and not mislead consumers. In addition, claims must be substantiated.

Under law, claims in advertisements must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair, and must be evidence-based.

Any distributor making untruthful claims or unfair and deceptive marketing tactics will be removed from LYIP International. Our reputation is our business and we cannot allow deceptive or untruthful advertising jeopardize or compromise our business.

Connections between an endorser and the company that are unclear or unexpected to a customer also must be disclosed, whether they have to do with a financial arrangement for a favorable endorsement, a position with the company, or stock ownership. Expert endorsements must be based on appropriate tests or evaluations performed by people that have mastered the subject matter.

We are a product driven and event based company for the sole purpose of assisting our customers and distributors realize a better way of living.


"Our goal is to provide our clients the best quality, value and professional excellence in the industry."  ~Ed Mercer~

We pay commissions for the retail sales of goods or services to LYIP customers. Distributors do not earn commissions for enrolling new distributors. LYIP is a product driven and event based company where distributors earn a commission on the sale of our products.

Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions


This Agreement governs the relationship between the affiliate (then denominated “I”) and LYIP International. (then denominated “The Company” too) and it will be valid under the terms and conditions described below.


I agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. I am applying as a Affiliate in LYIP International. When the Company will accept me as Affiliate, I will be provisionally authorized as a Affiliate for a period of 90 days from submitting an application on line. The application will have to respect the ways and the time frames establish for The Company. I agree that LYIP International reserves at its only discretion the right to accept or reject my application at any time for any reason or cause.


  2. I declare that I am of legal age and authorized to agree to this Agreement and I am competent to enter into this contract. 

  1. I have read and agree to be bound by this Agreement, the Policy, Terms and Procedure (“Policies and Procedures”, the LYIP International Compensation Plan and all terms and conditions, documents, rules and policies The Company will approve, all of which are incorporated here in by reference and made a part here of for all purposes. I agree that the Company reserves the right to change, update or revise without prior notice and at its sole discretion all the documents and the principles, rules and policies approved by The Company at any time. I agree to be bound by those changes and I hereby consent to and accept to comply with any such amendments.


  2. I am an independent contractor acting at my own risk. So I am not an agent, employee or legal representative of LYIP International and in no way I represent myself as such.


    I agree that I will be solely responsible for paying all expenses incurred by me, including, but not limited to, travel, food, lodging, secretarial, office, long distance telephone and other expenses.,

​   3. 


Affiliate cannot bind the Company, in any manner nor does he/she have any authority to bind the Company or to represent or speak on behalf of the Company. I have no power to bind LYIP International to any type of obligation.

In this way, if the company had partnerships with another natural or legal person, I have no power to bind these third parties not even.

I agree that as an independent contractor, this Agreement grants me the rights, under the limits established on this Agreement and on every document that are incorporated of him/her, on the obligations of the law or the rights of third parties, to promote and solicit the sale of the offered by the Company.


I agree that The Company can change the terms, conditions rules and policies of him/her products and services every time without giving prior notification.

I am responsible for all applicable income, sales and applicable fees and taxes associated with them, social assistance and similar services, unemployment or other taxes, such as the license or charge resulting from his/her activities as Affiliate, regardless his/her physical location or where he/she carries out its activities.


  1. In the process of soliciting the sale of, or otherwise promoting, the products or services offered by LYIP International (“Products”), I will:

    • operate in a lawful, ethical manner and in accordance with the terms of the Standard Code of Ethics;

    • make no false or misleading statements regarding the relationships between LYIP International or myself and the Products;

    • avoid any statement , actions, perform, messages or representation which is liable to mislead persons and third parties, even by omission, ambiguity or exaggeration not obviously hyperbolic, in particular as regards the characteristics and effects of the telecommunication product, price, free, their conditions, distribution or possible awards;

    • have to respect the dignity of the person in all its forms and expressions, and must avoid all forms of discrimination or unethical practices;

      - keep accurate records of my business activities;

    • abide by all national, state and local laws, industry codes and standards or other regulations governing the marketing to, or solicitation of customers for the products and services sold by LYIP International;

    • not produce, not promote or not use any material, program, automatic mechanisms or manual describing the name of LYIP International, its programs, software, products, services, trademarks, copyrights or other material protected by law, except as permitted by LYIP International policies and an express prior approval from The Company;

      Also, LYIP International online business tools and technologies are strictly confidential and proprietary business trade secrets.

      Wherever The Company use third parties or their material for the administration, publish or use of its services and products provided by third parties such as programs, services, software, instruments, documents, video, images, technologies and / or domains will also be protected by trade secret and the corresponding property of the company.

      I may not use the tools and technologies for any purpose other than to sell and to promote the telecommunication products and service offered from LYIP International.

      At the same time, I will not have to use information acquired through my activities as an Affiliate, even if they are related to the instruments, technologies, products, business services, communications, etc. to be an LYIP International competitor, or at least to take, attract, deceive, or solicit any action contrary to LYIP International, to the already existing users, customers and / or potential users / customers of The Company.


    • While Products are generally available for purchase in the United States of America and may be provided and/or made available in some other countries and jurisdictions, the Products are not available to persons, or are not appropriate or available for use in the following countries:


      Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar.


      I agree not to promote, distribute or otherwise deal with the Products in the Closed Countries.


  2. I acknowledge that not all Products are available to all persons or in all countries and jurisdictions, or appropriate or available for use outside the United States. Any offer for any Product is void where prohibited.

    It is my exclusive responsibility to verify that possession, promotion, distribution, circulation, importation or other dealing with Products offered by LYIP International is permitted under the laws and regulations of the country where I intend to carry out the aforementioned activities.

  3. For all Representative contract an Annual Renewal will apply, the first year is paid in advance at the contract submission. If a credit card was used at the time of the original purchase, User's account will be enrolled in automatic Annual Renewal Fee. The Fee will be charged upon User's anniversary date automatically.


  4. The possession, promotion, distribution, circulation, importation or other dealing with such Products offered by LYIP International may be subject to the laws and regulations of some countries and jurisdictions. It is my responsibility to ensure that any such dealings with the Products are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the relevant countries and jurisdictions, including such commercial, trade, import and export control, customs, licensing, intellectual property, taxation, revenue laws of such relevant countries and jurisdictions, and to observe all such laws and regulations. I agree that I shall comply with all applicable export and import control laws and regulations in soliciting the sale or otherwise promoting the Products, and, in particular, I shall not export or re-export or transmit the Products in violation of local or foreign export laws and/or without all required United States and foreign government licenses or permits.


  5. I have a duty to supervise and train any Affiliates that I may sponsor as described in the Policies and Procedures. I will explain LYIP International programs honestly and completely when presenting them to others. I understand and will make clear in any presentation the following: that no earnings are guaranteed by LYIP International or its programs; no Affiliate will earn money for sponsoring; commissions are based on product sales; that there are no exclusive territories for Affiliates in the program.


  6. I have the right to cancel my Affiliate license at any time and for any reason. If I choose to cancel my Affiliate license, I will notify LYIP International in writing to in the manner and time established by the company. I agree that refunds are possible within 7 (seven) days from the date of activation/purchase.



I hereby authorize LYIP International, to electronically withdraw payment from my checking account or credit card for any order I place directly. LYIP International is authorized to withdraw payment equal only to the amount of the products that I order, plus applicable sales tax and shipping and handling; or for the amount of the Auto-ship order I have established (plus additional amounts for substituted products if my regular products are unavailable) and sales tax and shipping and handling. In the event a credit card charges back or charge is dishonored for any reason, I agree to pay a $20 service fee. I further agree to be bound by the LYIP International Policies and Procedures and Compensation Plan.


I agree not to take any action or to claim amounts or compensation to the Company for actions described in this paragraph.

  1. LYIP International at its only discretion, may elect notice to limited, to suspend or to cancel any position of Affiliate or terminate this Agreement at any time for any cause or reason.


In concrete, LYIP International may to limited, to suspend or to cancel in any of the following events:

  • if I breach this Agreement;

  • if I breach any obligation of a Affiliate described in the Policies and Procedures and in other documents, policies and terms approved for The Company; - if I am convicted of a crime;

  • if I am placed into bankruptcy or I take any step to enter into any arrangement with creditors or steps are taken towards appointing a receiver or liquidator or analogous person over all or any of my assets or a security interest holder exercises rights over all or any of my assets or I become in- solvent or threaten to cease business or suspend payments to all or any of my creditors.

    2. The Company will give prompt notice to the Affiliate.


    3. I have the right to cancel my position as Affiliate at any time and for any reason. If I choose to cancel my position as Affiliate, simply notify The Company in writing by sending an email to

In any case and condition if I elect to cancel my position as Affiliate, LYIP International will never refund the price of my position as Affiliate fee as well as any other purchased product unless specified otherwise in writing. All other returns for refund or exchange shall be processed in accordance with The Company’s policies depending on terms and conditions of products purchased.


  1. I agree to indemnify and hold LYIP International, its shareholders, directors, officers and employees harmless from any and all claims, damages and expenses, including any attorney's fees, arising out of my actions or in-actions in violation either of this Agreement or any law or regulation, including industry standards pertaining to activities arising out of this Agreement. LYIP International disclaims any liability with respect Affiliate to this Agreement and other documents, rules, principles, terms and policies related to it, illicit (including negligence) or any other form of liability for failure to performance of its obligations under this agreement to the extent that such failures is due to an event unpredictable and escaping out of control by the Company, such as force majeure, or is due to the sole responsibility of the Affiliate.


  2. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of of the United States of America. I agree that venue and jurisdiction for any action pertaining to this agreement or any disagreement or claim between the parties hereto shall be in The United States of America.


  3. I understand that this Agreement is not binding until received and accepted by LYIP International (which may accept my application, accept it subject to conditions or reject it).


  4. I agree this agreement and so I undertakes to indemnify The Company and also his employees, managers, agents and any other society of the group or third party including their employees, from any simple claim or claim for damages even from third party that may breach even one of the conditions included in these Agreement, the obligations of the law or the rights of third parties.


    In case of violation of the preceding paragraphs I constrain to exonerate to the company of any claims made by third parties and leave harmless from any actions, claims and/ or damages. I agree every damages are coming from my exclusive responsibility.


    5. I acknowledge and agree that The Company without giving prior notification, reserves the right at its sole discretion of          adopting the necessary measures if the unquestionable right causes agreed by the Company occur.

    6. The original English version of the Agreement may have been translated into other languages. In the event of                           inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version, the English language                   version shall prevail.


     7. I acknowledge that this Agreement, including the Compensation Plan and the Policies and Procedures incorporated               herein by reference, constitute the entire Agreement between the parties hereto.

LYIP International reserves the right to change, update or revise without prior notice and at its sole discretion all the documents and the principles, rules and policies approved by LYIP International at any time. I agree to be bound by those changes and you hereby consent to and accept to comply with any such amendments.

After carefully reading these Terms and Conditions, and all documents called to herein, and in the website www,, I hereby agree to the same, and join as an Independent Affiliate of LYIP, of my own accord.