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If you've been trying for months or years to get results with your funnel every night and your children are looking at you and wondering why you are not giving then attention, then this is for you.

(Even if you HAVE No marketing experience!)

LET'S CO-CREATE YOUR FUNNEL - Just One Campaign Away........


.......As We Pull Back The Curtain To Help You Master Ad Copy, Run Ads That Convert AND Create Offers That Sell Like Clockwork In <15 Days! 


The same information we use to fuel our 5 figure per month business for us and our clients is now available in our private access site so you can "watch and apply in your business." This will save you a ton of time in building your wealth. 


These "3 Simple Steps"  are responsible for taking new entrepreneurs, experts and service providers breaking past $10K....$15K.,,,,$25K per month and beyond and without complicated funnels or complicated websites. In fact its so easy that many of our clients kick themselves for over-complicating things for months and even years.

We offer a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" to our clients. If they implement everything we teach, prove they have implemented and do not see a positive upward result in their business within 30 days, we will fully refund 100% of their payment at their written request.

















Hi, I am Ed Mercer,

I am the founder of Funnel Lovers LifestyleTM & The Power of You Events. 

I am a simple guy that fought my way through the woods and many times had to dig my own way out of the trenches (you can read about all of that and the back story in my book) who discovered three simple steps to massively growing my business. 

 I got excited when I heard the phrase.....

"The life I wanted, the relationships I wanted, the marriage I wanted is all fueled by the funnel I create and the businesses that I run, AND that if I could make $2.00 for every $1.00 you spend on ad cost, you will never have to worry about money again!"

So I went "All In" and paid $297.00 per month to build my funnel.


Started off with a webinar funnel - No RESULTS!

Was told to use a different funnel.


"The goal is to either make a few dollars on the front end (or break even). The sales on the next page of my funnel would then be pure profit"


Again - No RESULTS!

Spent money on high dollar coaches who said they could teach me paid ads. 


What did I get from it!?


A lot of invoices from the advertising platform with, no sales. 


"It definitely wasn't the life I wanted and I certainly didn't have the relationship I wanted (i could barely take care of myself, let alone bringing someone else into my messy life!) because there was no fuel to my business which meant no sales."

I knew it wasn't my fault. I was a Nuclear Engineer and was at the top 5% in my industry. So, working on technical issues was my expertise.


If you are not where you want to be in your business, it's not your fault either. You simply are not getting the right training. "You did't come this far in your business to only come this far!"


The problem was........


"I was listening to people who only learned the basics of the advertising platform, thought they were experts, but never learned the technical depths of the power that the platform can produce"



Being the technical geek that I am, I decided to build a sales funnel for $65.00 per month, shake things up a bit. AND dig deeper into the ads "business manager" on my own to understand the power of "audience insights." I've always heard (and I am sure you have as well), that....


 "understanding the ideal customer/client is the key to making sales while spending a lot less on ads." 

After spending close to $5000,00 on paid ads, I finally figured it out. After what seemed like forever of "waking up to no sales", our first sale came in at 3:47 in the morning while I was sleeping, another sale came in at 7:19 in the morning and by 8;49 the next evening I was up to $5,217.95 with 37 sales in less than 48 hours and did it without even setting up an email follow-up system.

One good ad and one great offer means EVERYTHING!.

I have done SO much more since then and passed up all the coaches I've paid for in the past. I would love to share this with you but the advertising platform we are on doesn't like us listing monetary claims. You'll learn all about that in my book. 


The only reason I now have the life I want, the relationship I want and the money I want is because of the "3 Simple, Yet Powerful Strategies" that I dug into and applied in the the business that I run.

There is a reason all of this happened.


It's because of the deep dive I did into the depths of the platform to create a unique system for getting the right traffic, converting that traffic into sales and consistently making it better. BUT, its not JUST about what you do with the ads platform! It also about your ad copy and your offer.

The day I shared this from stage to over 1800 attendees, was a very liberating and emotional experience after all the failed attempts.

When you learn all this stuff, you'll then be able to teach it! The people who wanted to coach you for $3000 or $10,000 just might come back and hire YOU coach then.

I will tell you about that in a few minutes, but I want to take you back to not very long ago at a moment in time that you very well may be able to relate to.

Before All These Changes, I Felt Like A Complete Failure

Several years ago, I lost my $140.000 per year job. I didn't have a degree and the only remaining jobs in the area paid less than $40,000 per year.


So, I joined a personal development company to sell their products and event tickets. The first few months NO MONEY! I saw all these people around me making money online and thought why not me? 

I went to the companies event in Hawaii by taking money out of my 401k because I the difference between multi-million dollar earners and those who are not is the result of the network you are in, the people you hang out with, the knowledge, the skills and a "way of being".


At that event I met some leaders in the industry (if I told you their names you will probably know who they are). I learned from them and did fairly good at sales and used to my money to invest $200K in Pre-construction condominiums in Miami, Florida. 


After some time went by, the company went away and my investments. Making an attempt to rebuild myself again, I racked up over $60,000 on my credit cards trying to build another business.

Everyday, I was working night and day in attempt to make things right! 

Then a cold morning in January I made my way to Florida for a real estate meeting with the other investors who also signed contracts for units in the building. That morning the construction company announced they were no longer going to proceed with construction of the building.

At 12:20 pm while on break from the meeting, I received a call from my wife at the time after she received a call from 1 credit card company that told her I had accumulated over $35,000 in debt and the payments were almost 120 days past due. All this time, I was hiding this debt from her. So I am sure you can only imagine what that conversation was like over the phone.


All I wanted to do was give my family a great life (a life I never had)!

When I got back home I worked night and day trying to bring sales into my online business to make all this debt go away and to make things right.

Days went by, weeks went by, months went by with the constant questioning.

"Make any sales today?"

The answer was ALWAYS......

"No, but its coming, I am getting closer and I have calls today with some people. So, hopefully I make a sale or 2 today. BUT, it NEVER happened. Have you ever felt this way?

I wanted success, I wanted my family to be proud of me, respect what I accomplished and the life I gave them.

Eventually, my marriage ended in a divorce. My son and daughter were so young.

I don't want this to happen to you.

Everything Can Change By Knowing (AND Using) These "3 Simple, Yet Powerful Strategies" 

I usually only provide this information to my $12,700 clients that I coach for 1 year, but if you are just starting out you may not be at that level yet (I get it).

So that is why I have taken all of this information and wrapped it up inside an online course that you can access anytime of the day with your laptop or cell phone. Once you implement our strategies, you will have everything you need to know to get to $10,000 cash flow months.



  • If you've been trying for months or years to get results with your funnel every night and your children are looking at you and wondering why you are not giving then attention, then this is for you. Your children are growing up too fast to not have you in their life. If that is how you are feeling, THEN yes this is for you.

  • If you are losing connection with your spouse because you are sitting there day-in /day-out without producing the result you promised and starting to just see you as a figure at the desk instead as part of the family, THEN yes this is for you.

  • If you are waking up every morning with the feeling of not being any further than the day you started and not being able to provide the dream life you want for your spouse and children, THEN, yes this is for you.


1. Establish your goal.

2. Reverse Engineer the goal

3. Educate yourself and build skills (learn what to do - learn what to avoid) - Get on course, test it and improve it


4. Work EVERY day! The more work you put in, the quicker you will see the results. How bad do you want it? Be disciplined!


5. Get Shit DONE! Move the needle to make progress - do what you say you are going to do to get closer to the goal.


6. Outsource repetitive task to others - Find people who can free up your time so you can do what you do the best. (Systemize and Automate your business)


7. Analyze and improve - Take the wheel, decide what needs to be done to get there. Know your numbers. Figure out what is working and what isn't. Keep what is working and make it better

8. Save the money to invest - pretend the money isn't there. - Put the money into assets that will make you more money - get the money so you can get the money working more for you and work less - Secure the future


9 Invest - building wealth - Cash flow investment (real estate - rental income/bonds/cd's/dividends/appreciation (stocks/gold/silver) or capital gains.


10. Re-invest in the main business - side investment work in parallel - all your wealth comes from the main business - so elevate the main business (1/2 of money into investments - other half to make business grow better - use new tools that keep the business going - re-invest in yourself and business


11. Find a successful mentor - The road to riches is to learn from someone who can guide you.- Successful people love to help other people become successful


12. Build your network - At the top is other people who made it and are just there to make similar friends with people who went through what you went through. As a group, you can do more


13. Leverage your new contacts to diversify your portfolio - Joint Ventures


14. Sell the business and do it all over again - do it bigger and better.

WHEN YOU GO THROUGH MY COURSE (inside the members area) and  WITH ME AS YOU MENTOR (Live in our Funnel Lovers Lifestyle Group)

You know the exact....

  • Process to sell anything you want, to anyone at anytime.

  • Top 10 elements of a high converting website that gets your audience hanging on to your every word.

  • Formula to structure your offer that makes it a "no-brainer" for them to buy from you.

  • You will have me to co-create your funnel every step of the way as I help you create a high converting sales page, an irresistible offer and help you connect with the audience you can serve.

  • You'll become the mentor instead of people reaching out to mentor you.

  • You'll have a business that runs  "almost" by itself so you can give the attention back to your spouse, re-kindle that relationship you married for and have the time to laugh and play with your children while giving them the life you've wanted.

$12,700 / YEAR





You'll Get:

Get access to us inside our group. Meet other funnel lovers. **Get An Inside  View of Our Business, Copy What We Do, AND Implement it along the way**

$700 Per Year (Value)

(you receive lifetime access to this group since it is automated) 

Be Able To:

Look Over Our Shoulder "Live"

You'll have the opportunity to watch over our shoulder as we write a highly converting ad, copy, offer and deliver it to the people who want it. This takes the blinders off in marketing and takes the guesswork out of the equation.

 ($2000 Value)

Absolutely Priceless 


How To Look At Your Competitions Ads Right Now

We show you how you can look at all of your competitions ads, right now. You don't have to wait to see them in your news feed. You can see all of them right now in one-place, but most marketers don't even know this option even exist. You'll see the ad, how long its been running, the text and the offer they have attached.

Seeing and reverse engineering your competition's ads that are working right now "in real time" is a very fast way to get your business moving in the direction of your goals is the fast track to your business success.

$10000 + Value

(How would it feel if you started making sales everyday like your competitors are doing around the clock, every day?)

"The Rocket Fuel To Launch.." 


Six, Seven & Eight Figure Funnels

For A One-Time Payment Of Just


You'll Have Immediate Access Once Your Payment Is Processed





For A One-Time Payment Of Just


You'll Have Immediate Access Once Your Payment Is Processed





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