Ed Mercer - LYIP International Founder

Personal Development, Mindset, Marketing and Team Development Expert


Like you, Ed Mercer always knew he was here on earth to do great things in a world requiring leadership, things much greater than himself.


Because of his passion to serve others, he became an expert in Personal Development, Marketing, Business and Team Development.


Have you ever felt you were here on earth to do something great with your life? To be someone bigger than yourself and bigger than who you were expected to become?


Ed's view is radically different. Unlike many consultants, Ed Mercer shows you how to use the powerful inner workings of your subconscious mind to create success. He teaches you exactly what to say, what to do and how to do it.


You'll learn how to use your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and your words to create results in your life, relationships and your business. Its about doing things in a certain way and showing up as a leader in the lives of others.


Ed has been recruited by some of the largest companies and his teams have spanned the globe. He is commonly referred to as "the VP's Secret Weapon" and has increased their profit margin by millions per year using his holistic approach.


Ed works with the "best and the brightest" in his profession and his conversations have been the catalyst for his clients success with his authenticity and easy to follow approach.


Major companies such as BHI, Exelon (EXC) and NextEra Energy (NEE) have partnered with Ed when they want to create efficiency within their organization, improve their profit margin and determine company strengths/weaknesses for organizational improvement and effectiveness.


Ed has learned from the brightest minds in the industry such as Bob Proctor, Les Brown and Andy Andrews to name a few.


Having the opportunity to learn from Ed Mercer and hearing the words he speaks has the ability to transform your life.

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Meet The Man Who Went From Being The Top Producer In Two


Different Nuclear Marketing Companies In His First Year To Network


Marketing  Industry To Serve Others.

Unparalleled leadership.
Unprecedented growth


With his passion for his children and desire to be with his family, he gave up everything he ever thought about how money is made and started looking into the home business network marketing industry. Ed borrowed $5000.00 to get started in a home business and failed for the first 2 months with zero results. During his 3rd month he attended a 3-day company event that was hosted in Hawaii but did not have enough to stay at the hotel the event was being hosted in nor did he have enough money to stay in any hotel for that matter. Instead he staged his suitcase behind a column inside the hotel where nobody could find it, used the public bathrooms to clean up early in the morning before everyone woke up and slept in the lawn chairs by the pool every night. Every couple hours the sprinklers would turn on and wet him, causing him to change chairs through the night. What he learned at this event from the people he connected with allowed him to make over $23,000 in less than 30 days and Ed continued his passion as a network marketer helping others succeed to paying off debt and earningmore money simply because he changed his way of thinking and had the faith that gave him the courage to dare to do great things.


The fact is, people are held back in life from achieving success and in most cases don't even know what is holding them back. Ed dives deep into what your daily method of operation, mindset and provides the solution for you to see immediate results. If things are not going right in your life, what are you doing to improve? When are you going to rise up, make a stand for yourself and be bigger than the circumstances that are causing it? Attend Ed's "Event For Your Success" and discover what is holding you back and what to do to create positive and lasting change in your life!   

Ed Mercer has led people throughout the world with his expert teachings on business, money and relationships, all while adding more enjoyment and fun, so they may live the truly uncommon life.

Ed Mercer became a sought-after speaker and is regularly called upon by major companies for his expertise in business, finance, relationships and hosts training events. 

As a devoted father of 2 wonderful children, uncle of 10 and servant of the Most High God, Ed leads and coaches with a passionate desire to see his clients transformed in their personal, family and professional lives. His goal is to equip them to not only succeed, but thrive, in the marketplace. 

Ed actively inspires families, friends and clients – whose lives have been transformed through his methods – to join forces and work diligently year after year to build homes for the poor, provide assistance to battered woman and prevent abduction of children and educate them for their personal safety. Ed is on a personal mission to give away a 50,000 dollars a month to provide food, clothing and shelter for woman and children around the world.

As president and CEO of EMI  and founder of Launch Your Infinate Power, a beacon assisting thousands from all walks of life, Ed has dedicated his life to a mission of service. In conjunction with all his efforts, he is currently rallying support to build 1000 homes, and offers entrepreneurial training to help people get out of debt, improve their relationship with their spouse, children and create time freedom to enjoy a life worth living.


Just as he is committed to offering a legacy for the future to these families and children, Ed can help you learn to write the next chapter of your own life story!

With less than a decade of experience, Ed has personally helped many succeed. Over the past decade Ed had the privilege of being a speaker in 3 countries, has pioneered new and effective marketing strategies for businesses, and used his "self-taught" skills to increase companies profit margins by millions of dollars. Ed's sales teams have spanned the far reaches of the globe.


More than once Ed held the title of a Leader in his respective companies, all while being part of the Advisory Boards and Executive Councils – providing innovative ways to take his industry to the next level.

For Ed it’s all about helping people reach their dreams, attain financial freedom and have the time in life to do what they are passionate about. Ed has provided and continues to provide the systems, tools and support to help people maximize their success and reach their true potential. Ed works on training corporations and entrepreneurs on how to learn and utilize fundamental skills that will lead them to the top.

Ed is a prime example of not giving up on his dreams—from a restaurant manager, to years in the corporate world being away from his family, to a leader in the industry.  Ed is truly living his dream. As he continues to build his legacy, he is committed to seeing others reach their goals. His genuine style of training will not only enlighten, but inspire transformation and belief in yourself to go after your dreams again. Through his passion to assist others, the birth of LYIP International was founded.

Stop waiting on success to come to you. Attend Ed's event and walk away with new skills that you can immediately apply in your business and life. Go after your dreams with all the passion in your heart and mind and change your life forever! You'll walk away from the event with the skills to make more money and have better relationships with your spouse and your children. You have fun doing it and most of all, have the time to enjoy it!


You already have what it takes to be successful and its as close to the beat of your own heart.


Will you be Ed's next Success Story?

For Ed, it all about taking ordinary people and making them extraordinary by helping them get out of debt through an online business that you can work from home and he will be creating a few more millionaires along the way. 


Launch   Your   Infinite  Power

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