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We Are Building A Community of Highly Successful Online Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators Powered By Our Team Marketing System


When I launched my first funnel, I poured my heart and soul into making it amazing, and landed ZERO clients. My inability to market it was the very cause of me being in a ton of  debt and depression.


After years of literal blood, sweat and tears..

After learning intimately with multiple 7-figure and 8- figure earners..

I took what I learned  and put together a life-altering training..
The name?


Every 7-figure funnel producer follows these that the other 99% are not” 

I’ve identified a design loophole to building a professional and high-converting funnel in just a couple hours.

I’ve identified the exact five elements the TOP 1% of funnels users are implementing into their that the other 99% are not.

(Out of the 100,000+ CF users, only 737 of them have generated over $1M in revenue..)

I’ve identified the #1 way to implement the same strategies into your marketing today and skyrocket conversions..
And I’m gonna show you how in my program.


After smashing every obstacle in my way, I want to share with you that over 100 people became interested in my funnel building and coaching program 

I stated my coaching business because I needed a change in life.


I was working a job that I hated for $5000 per month, living in the cold northern United States, my credit was horrible and I needed a new car. I was driving the same truck I purchased in February of 2000.


It took me 9 months to get my first client. I had knowledge and marketing skills to change someone's life, but I didn't have a system and didn't really know how to get clients.

One day out of the blue I was contacted by a guy who was trying to build a coaching business to help others with real estate investments, tax savings and build a portfolio in the stock market and asked me to help him.

I was invited into his group to see how I could help. After joining, I realized it was just me and him as the admin. From that day I knew  there were others who needed help

He became my first client. I learned to build systems, processes and automation. 

Tom made $15,000 in his first month.

2 months later I reached just over $45,000 purchased my new ride, packed up my belongings and moved to Florida.

Since then we created our agency to help coaches, consultants and course creators all over the world reach 6 and 7 figure results.

20201121_113429 (1).jpg

The Day I Got My New Ride




We want to help you make more so you can have the life you want for YOU, and

So you can give more to the things that are important to you.

The POWER of WE is important to me because I was one of those children.

No matter where you are in life, we are sure there has been something in your life that you want to help others with because you FEEL their pain with what you went through.






Our Goal Is To Create 100 New 6-Figure Earners Over The Next 12 Months.


We do everything in our POWER to help you grow your consulting business to 6-figures within 90 (if you do not have one, we help you build one) days by:

  • Helping you craft your message that makes those you want to serve to connect with you.

  • Assist you with creating your offer,

  • Marketing that makes your target market convert. 

  • Teach you how to sell (it's probably a lot different than you think),

  • Assist in creating an onboarding process for your new customers and clients, develop Purity of Purpose, and Prosperity Conscious mindset.

Everything you need to begin seeing results in your fist 2 weeks and then develop a predictable business model



Our Mission Is To Help 10 - 20 New Coaches To Reach 7-Millionaires Over The Next 2-3 Years.


If you are already at 6-figures, we provide you with "Next Level" marketing to scale to 7-figures and become an authority and "go-to" person in your market.

The person that makes 6-figures is not the same person that produces 7-Figures. We assist you inside our annual mentorship program where we assist you in:


  • Building a sales team within your business

  • Increasing your company "Brand Awareness

  • Ensure you have a great foundation to build on and then having an infrastructure in place to support the growth of you business.

  • Re-assigning the low paying activities to other so you can focus on the high dollar value activities to sustain the growth you will be experiencing

  • Building upon your creativeness, close any gaps or leaking faucets and discover new & profitable attributes for your business

  • Understanding the proven roadmap to 7-figures


Every person and every business is unique, which is why do a deep dive in our clients business and provide mentorship to ensure their path to 7-figures is defined with the expected outcome.









Going from 6-figures to 7-figure might seem like it is a lot of work. The truth is getting to 7-figures is easier than getting to the first $100k.

Taking your business to 8-figures and beyond is easier than going from 6-figures to 7-figures.

It is done through connections and relationships with other influencers who have surpassed the 8-figure mark and have taken their business to over $100 million and even 10 figures.

Connections and relationships with influencers who support each other businesses through the use of affiliate program software for their high ticket offers that also pay out high ticket commissions, while promoting to each other list in the 100's of thousands.

Its the exact method that 7-figure entrepreneurs have employed to make an additional $3 to $5 million for new product launches in a matter of months and in some cases from a 90 minute presentation at a live event or online event.

If you are already at 7-figures and want to reach 8-figures or more, then our Influencer Arena is where you'll want to be.