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Discover What 3,758 Businessmen Like You Have Already Learned
That You May Not Have Figured Out Yet!

M a r r i e d  B u s i n e s s m e n
Discover How To RECLAIM Your  POWER, GET a Fit  BODY , Re-ignite Your Sex Life With Your WIFEAND Hit Financial Freedom  WITHOUT  Corporate Burnout or High Risk Investments  BY Leveraging Our Online System To 6 - Figure Months

This is for married businessmen who want FREEDOM and get to $100K months. Men who are:
Coaches and Consultants who are frustrated dealing with unmotivated clients or who want to get better results with their clients, get new clients and who want the strategies of the Top 1% of all coaches in the world have. 
Sales professionals who want more influence and persuasive power and NEVER want to deal with sales slumps again.
Marketing professionals who want to UNLOCK the SECRETS to persuasive copy and messaging (that nobody will ever reveal to you).
Entrepreneurs looking to improve areas of their business such as sale, marketing and management.
Men who are looking to reconnect with their wife & children, be part of the family by freeing up their time and avoiding DIVORCE.

IF we accept you into our
SOVEREIGN MEN MOVEMENT, you'll be able to use our proven system that is already working 24/7 to get RESULTS .


I was trying to balance life between being a husband, a father, and running a businesses, Leading a team of 11 supervisors, an organization of 87 team members while managing a $10 million annual budget.
Everything fell apart. I was burnt out, disconnected from my family and effectively burnt my business to ground because I lost PRODUCTIVITY and POWER. Drained my 401k and maxed out credit cards just to keep the family together and businesses afloat.  
Thought I could fix everything on my own, but couldn't. I lied to my wife about debt, about where the money was going and did things never should have done. Became depressed working away from the family, cheated on my wife AND my marriage ended in divorce. I found myself alone, with nothing but the truck I owned. 

I had to STOP lying to put my life back together,  Wasn't happy, resorted to drinking, smoking and hanging out in places I should not have been in. On the outside looking in, everyone thought I had my shit together and said...'Man, I wish I had his LIFE!"

The TRUTH is I was afraid to show where I was so things were left unsaid. I was lying to myself about where I wanted to be, but wasn't being the person to go there. IT was time for CHANGE!
I used credit cards, took a loan on my truck and personal loan to pay a mentor along with a software company just so I could reach you, to help you,
If your personal life isn't working, its the reason your business isn't working, If your business is not working, it's because your personal life is not working. So how can you have both working so well that you are untouchable? It starts with....

A mentor collapsed 3 years time into 3 months for me. Knowing what to do everyday I woke up put the pieces of my life back together, increased business profit and internal peace.
Remarried shortly after that and made sure to do things different this time! And it's GREAT!
Its the internal work that has to change above all else before the needle of LIFE will move.
If YOU are ready to regain your POWER, PROFITS and PRODUCTIVITY before your wife leaves you with the children and takes 50% of what you built while the attorneys takes another 20%, then I invite you to APPLY.
You'll live by a CODE, You'll be well on your way to MASTERING your life, your business, your health and your marriage. YOU WILL HAVE IT ALL!
The money power to take better care of your family, help your community, contribute to your favorite charity and have COMPLETE POWER over your life!

Our program is limited to 10 men at a time. Taking on one more person would lessen the value to our clients and you should you become a client of our program.

the sovereign men movement

the method to having it All!

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t  r  a  i  n  e  r  s


Skyrocket your influence, impact and income

Once you've created the foundational offer for your business, it's time to hone in on the "perfect fit" clients... and get your offer in front of them using the most effective strategies on the planet.

You'll discover the same marketing blueprint that industry leaders use to create more traffic, generate more sales and impact more lives than most anyone alive such as...
Honing in on exactly WHERE to find the people who need and want your offer... so that you're spending your energy and focus targeting ONLY those who will be attracted to you

Taking advantage of organic (unpaid) tools for spreading your message, presenting your offer, building a community of raving fans and generating the results you need without losing thousands of dollars on ads.

Unlocking the most effective method on the planet for selling your offer without feeling unethical or "salesy" so that both you and your ideal client feel good at the end of the interaction
Once you've discovered these marketing secrets (and more) you'll be equipped with the tools that are currently creating more impact and reaching more people than most anything else in the world... setting you apart from 99% of entrepreneurs alive.
Imagine waking up tomorrow with a NEW notification on your phone. It's from a prospective client...

And it says, "Hey, I'd like to move forward. Please invoice me ASAP. Excited to get started."

BOOM! Your newest client!

But the day only gets better...

And there's no reason you won't be able to close MULTIPLE clients in one day. And maybe even have a record revenue day.

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M  O  V  E  M  e  N  T